The List of 10 Level 4 Security Prisons in California - Prisons Review (2023)

Many people want to know what it is like to be in a level 4 security prison. If you are one of those people, then this blog post is for you! This list provides information about Level 4 prisons in California andwhat kind of security system do they have.

The List of 10 Level 4 Security Prisons in California - Prisons Review (1)

We hope this list helps give you a glimpse into life behind bars, so that you at least have an idea of ​​what to expect if you get there.

California has several Level 4 prisons, which are the highest level of security. This list provides an overview of the different Level 4 prisons in California..

1. California Penitentiary

The California Correctional Institution is a Level 4 security prison, which means it is dangerous and uncomfortable. Opened in 1932, renovated in 1954, it has become one of the most secure prisons in California. Unfortunately, this prison had to be rebuilt because of the 1952 earthquake.

The inmates have no contact with the outside world and cannot see their families. The capacity of this prison.2,783, but currently has 2,983 inmates.

These inmates live in cells that offer little comfort or privacy, but what do you expect when you're away from society? The institution is known for the high rate of violence, which can occur between the inmates or between the guards themselves! The State of California is considering this arrest.Like a maximum security prison.It is also one of the largest prisons in California, as the CCI owns 1,650 acres of land.

2. California State Penitentiary, Sentinel

Centinela California State Penitentiary is located in Inglewood, California. It's the Centinela State Penitentiary. It has been home to many convicted felons serving sentences for various crimes.

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CEN was founded in October 1993 and owns 2,000 acres of land.According to the April 2020 report, there are 3,284 inmates out of 2,308 inmates.

The prison offers security level 4, which means that inmates are isolated from society and other inmates for their safety.

This type of incarceration can make it difficult to get good jobs upon release, so many inmates choose educational programs to prepare for life outside these walls.

3. California State Penitentiary, Corcoran

This prison was built in February 1988 for male inmates only. COR is located in the city of Corcoran, Kings County, California. It is known as the Corcoran State Penitentiary.🇧🇷 More than 1700 employees work here.

The prison has a level 4 security system and is one of the largest prisons in California, housing maximum security inmates. It was originally built to houseup to 3116 interns, but now has 3719 interns🇧🇷 The name of the COR supervisor is Ken Clark.

4. California State Penitentiary, Los Angeles County

There are many prisons in California, but one of the most notorious is the California State Prison in Los Angeles County. The location of this prison is Lancaster, in Los Angeles County, California. It is considered the Lancaster State Penitentiary. It was founded in February 1993.

Like other state prisons, LAC is overcrowded. Although its designed capacity is 2,300, it houses 3,158 prisoners. This prison has a level 4 security system and is known for high profile apartment criminals like Charles Manson.

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5. California State Penitentiary, Sacramento

The address of this prison is Folsom, Sacramento County, California. It was founded in October 1986. The prison covers 1,200 acres and has 1,585 employees. The current occupancy rate of this prison is129.3%. There are 2,063 inmates here, but it has a capacity for 1,828 inmates.

It has one of the highest level 4 security systems in the state. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is responsible for the operation of this facility.

Inmates at this prison are often convicted of drug offences, robbery or theft, fraud offences, or driving under the influence of alcohol.

It also provides correctional officers with classrooms for training purposes and recreational facilities open to all inmates within the facility.

6. California State Penitentiary and Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Corcoran

The California Substance Abuse Treatment Center and Corcoran State Penitentiary is a Level 4 Security System prison. This facility opened in August 1997 to treat the most serious drug and alcohol abuse offenders in the condition. SATF has a small area compared to other prisons, it is only 280 hectares.

But the number of occupants of thisThe prison is 4844, where it was built for 3424 people.The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) believes that addiction can be treated just as effectively behind bars as it is out in the open.

7. Calipatria State Penitentiary

Calipatria State Prison is a Level 4 security prison in Calipatria, California. This facility has been open since1992 and has housed 2,935 inmates.

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The area of ​​this prison is1,227.5 hectares.All rooms have their own garden space for recreation. To prevent jailbreaks, CAL installed an electric fence in November 1993, which means an electronic security system.

This prison provides inmates with educational opportunities, including GED classes and job training programs, while incarcerated at the Calipatria State Penitentiary.

8. High Desert State Penitentiary

High Desert State Prison is a Level 4 security prison. 3,286 inmates are housed for as long as capacity is available.2324 people. It was inaugurated in 1995 (August).

This prison has a maximum to super maximum security system. HDSP changed a previous record of 7 guards in 8 years.

There are different types of housing units: administrative segregation, protective custody, and general population units. All inmates have the opportunity to participate in educational programs, recreational activities, work assignments, religious services, and counseling sessions while incarcerated at HDSP.

9. Kern Valley State Penitentiary

Kern Valley State Prison is another Level 4 prison in Delano, California. The unit has an interiorCapacity of 2,448 occupants, but it has 3,534 occupants(April 2020 report).

In 2005 (June), KVSP started its journey. But what is Kern Valley State Prison doing to help inmates? KVSP offers a variety of offender programs such as job training, substance abuse courses, educational opportunities and much more to prepare offenders for reintegration into society.

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10. Pelican Bay State Penitentiary

Pelican Bay State Prison is considered the only maximum security prison in the state of California. PBSP is located in Del Norte County, California. opened in1989 and has a capacity for 2,380 inmates. It is surrounded by 275 hectares of land.

The Pelican Bay State Prisons located at this facility were included"The worst of the worse"untilUnited States Department of Justicedue to his history of violence against prison officers, other inmates, and sexual assaults on staff.

Inmates may work as kitchen help or landscapers while incarcerated. They also receive three hours a day for educational purposes, including lessons on parenting skills or anger management.


With the highest level of security, these prisons are reserved for those inmates who have shown that they need strict control. This includes death row and those with a history of attempted escape or violence against guards.

The list consists of correctional facilities that house only male inmates, as well as some female-only facilities. Level 4 security prisons usually stop near1,000 prisoners, but can exceed 2,500 in extreme cases.

For more information on what such a setup looks like, see our blog post atLevel 3 prisons in California.


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