The 6 Best Cool and Unusual Hotels in Lamar, CO (2023)

Lamar is one of the quieter rural towns in Colorado, tucked away on the plains of southeastern Colorado. Not often chosen as a ranger destination, but it has many gems and the best hotels for travelers.

This amazing city encourages various outdoor activities. To help you prepareLamarExploration, we have selected a list of the best hotels in the city.

Probably the best hotel accommodation in Lamar

There are some fascinating things to do in the city. Because the city is part of the accredited Main Street America™ program, the community focuses on creating "high quality spaces" aligned with conservation-based economic development."

Due to Lamar's vibrant forest ecosystem, it is home to some of the best birding destinations in the state. For more agile activities, seeJohn Martin Reservoir State Parkwhere you can boat, fish and bike. They also have fantastic golf courses throughout the city. And if you're looking for an unforgettable hiking experience, check out the Willow Creek Nature Trail.

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Here are our tips for thatBest hotels in Lamar, CO, in no particular order:

Quality Inn - Simplicity and Functionality

With more than forty rooms,quality innoffers a variety of room options. Whether you're traveling alone or with your family, there will be a suite that's just right for you. The 2 storey property is basic.

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The lobby and other common areas (like the pantry) are more casual than other hotels. For most visitors, this has become a key asset of the hotel, allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere at all times.

They equip rooms with amenities such as free Internet access, microwaves, refrigerators, and deluxe bath products. They also have pet-friendly accommodations. For families and large groups who prefer to stay together, there are also suites with three queen beds!

Holidaymakers who prefer to cook for themselves can also enjoy the rustic barbecue area. The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast, and if you want to sample the various cuisines of the city, you can visit nearby restaurants and cafes, including Thai Spicy Basil and Restaurante Las Brisas.

For an easy, convenient and comfortable vacation, choose the Quality Inn for your trip to Lamar.

  • 1202 N Main Street, Lamar, CO | 719-336-3427
  • Check prices, availability or bookquality inn

Blue Spruce Motel - Intimate setting with a retro twist

There are several motels in Lamar, but the Blue Spruce Motel stands out for the exceptional experience guests have when staying at this property. This 3-star property offers thirty rooms, 24-hour reception, regular housekeeping, a playground for children and an outdoor pool.

Located on the main south street,Picea Azul MotelIt's minutes from popular city attractions like Lamar Community College and the Big Timbers Museum. For those new to the streets of Lamar, this motel allows you to enjoy the city's attractions without the hassle of time-consuming maps.

In addition to easy access to the city, the Blue Spruce Motel also ensures a comfortable stay. As the name suggests, the property has a "blue theme". The pool looks so much more refreshing with all the blue colored walls.

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The rooms are also quite spacious. If you're wondering if this is suitable for large groups and families, don't worry as they have a larger suite with three queen beds.

In addition to comfortable family rooms and suites, the Blue Spruce Motel also has large open spaces that can be used by everyone. And since it's a west-facing one-story property, you'll have wonderful daytime views of the Front Range mountains. If you book in the winter, the motel has a different romantic vibe, as all open areas can be covered in snow.

If you're still not completely convinced if this is right for your trip to Lamar, they also have other perks you can take advantage of. These include self-serve laundry facilities, pet-friendly rooms, truck parking availability, and easy freeway access.

  • 1801 S Calle principal, Lamar, CO 81052 | 719-336-7454
  • Check prices, availability or bookPicea Azul Motel

3rd Street Nest Bed & Breakfast - Historic Lamar Home

Welcome to this former Lamar lodging,Bed and Breakfast 3rd Street NestIt is a century-old historic house. It is only two blocks from the center. The modest residence features a Victorian façade with a pretty terrace. If you are looking for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere then this is the home away from home for you.

The property features a landscaped garden, barbecue facilities and an antique library. While most travelers make an itinerary of Lamar's most beautiful spots, staying at home can also be an option when booking at 3rd Street Nest.

For a rejuvenating afternoon in the lounge, guests can enjoy tea or coffee in the outdoor picnic area. Another great property feature is its two individually decorated bedrooms. It also means there are fewer people at any time of the year (compared to high-traffic hotels and motels in the area).

Bedrooms have a queen bed, a beautiful hallway (with access to private patios), and large claw-foot tubs. The bathrooms also have a shower.

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Although the house is old, they have high speed internet connection for your work and leisure needs. A hot breakfast is served daily. They also offer free airport transfer upon request. For a casual and cozy stay, make a reservation at 3rd Street Nest Bed & Breakfast.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - Ideal for all seasons

If you're in town for a few days, you may need accommodation with all the amenities for your travel needs. Then the Holiday Inn Express & Suites is an exceptional choice. The property is pretty basic when it comes to design. But where they excel is in attention to detail.

Holiday Inn Express & SuitesIt is one of the few hotels in the city that has multiple swimming pools. Whether you come in summer or winter, you can enjoy each of the heated pools (indoor, outdoor and hydromassage). Other features include a fully equipped fitness center, business center, conference rooms, and meeting rooms. These are perfect for corporate visitors.

For rest and relaxation, its spotlessly clean rooms are furnished with fluffy duvets and pillows. While the location is walkable to the city, it's also not a high-traffic area, so nights are quieter than downtown.

Whether you choose to stay in your room day or night, you have all the essentials you need including WiFi, tea/coffee making facilities and a microwave. If you want to relax, they also have a lounge bar area that offers a menu all day and cocktails.

Holiday Motel - Best Budget Accommodation

If you are traveling on a budget, check them out.vacation motel. This property is conveniently located on North Main Street.

It has 24 rooms with basic amenities such as microwave, refrigerator, WiFi, TV and toiletries. The rooms are outdated but the old furniture is well preserved. Past guests have also commented on how comfortable and clean the beds were.

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For travelers who prefer larger rooms, the Holiday Motel might be a good fit for you, as its deluxe suites are even more spacious. The Deluxe Suites are also great for those who like to cook their own meals, as these rooms have a kitchenette and small dining area.

Parking is another great feature of this historic motel. There is a wide open area for parking and all types of vehicles are welcome. If you're bringing a pet on your Lamar vacation, Holiday Motel is pet-friendly, but for an additional fee.

  • 404 N Main Street, Lamar, CO 81052 | 719-336-9754
  • Check prices, availability or bookvacation motel

Sundance-High Plains RV Park and Cabins – Familienurlaub

Here you can experience the comfort of your home in a rustic environment.Sundance-High Plains Cabin & Trailer Park. The property offers overnight stops for RV travelers and a convenient location for tents and cabins.

Guests are welcomed into the park's beautiful country-style registry office. To relax, tourists can also relax in the shady picnic park or in the campsite clubhouse.

The entire property has a safari vibe. They have various animal decorations and in one garden they even have a dinosaur theme. This is an ideal place for families with children. There are also grills and fire pits for those who like to grill out in the evenings.

As for the cabins, each one is individually decorated. All are equipped with all the comforts of home so you won't feel like you're missing out on a trip to Lamar.

If you're also one of those travelers who need a good connection, Sundance-High Plains RV Park & ​​​​Cabins offers solid Wi-Fi service. Make your trip even more pleasant in one of these incredible properties!

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Thank you for visiting our favorite hotels in Lamar, Colorado! Make the most of your trip to this remote southeastern city!


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