Publix Catering Menu Dishes Prices (Deli+Subs+Seafood+Salad+Desserts) - Arte Moderna Catering (2023)

Looking for the perfect appetizers for your birthday? Or maybe you prefer delicious dessert plates for the big occasion.

Either way, the Publix catering menu is a great place to start your search. The restaurant offers an impressive number of catering-friendly dishes.

your main mealOptions are boards, including appetizers, sandwiches, chicken and, of course, desserts.

Plus, there are deli party bowls, deli packaged meals, kids' plates, and even seafood platters.everything can be asked.

Your website allows customersNavigate the restore menuby event and contact the restaurant for customizable menus and helpful suggestions.

Publix Catering Menu Dishes Prices (Deli+Subs+Seafood+Salad+Desserts) - Arte Moderna Catering (1)


Publix Deli Appetizer Plates

dishesSizeto meetPreis
devil eggsmall medium large10,18,2819,99$, 29,99$, 34,99$
Chipotle Boiled Eggsmall medium large10,18,2819,99$, 29,99$, 34,99$
Publix Deli Antipasti45,99 $
KnabberMini, Small, Medium, Large5, 10, 18, 2815,99$, 29,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
Fresh fruitMini, Small, Medium, Large5, 10, 18, 2814,99$, 25,99$, 34,99$, 44,99$
finishing touchessmall medium large10,18,2819,99$, 24,99$, 29,99$
wind turbinessmall medium large10,18,2839,99$, 56,99$, 69,99$
fresh fruit and cheese plateAverage size18,2844,99$, 64,99$
Round pumpernickel with dipQuite1822,99 $
fresh vegetables from the gardenMini, Small, Medium, Large5, 10, 18, 2813,99$, 19,99$, 24,99$, 34,99$
variety of divingSmall medium8-12, 16-2019,99$, 29,99$
Take advantage ofklein1014,99 $
brie with jewelsSmall medium5, 1017,99$, 46,99$

Publix Deli Seafood Plates

dishesSizeto meetPreis
surimi and garnelenSmall medium10, 1819,99$, 29,99$
Garnelen: Captain's Choicesmall medium large8, 16, 2419,99$, 36,99$, 54,99$
shellfish clawklein10109,99 $
surimiSmall medium10, 2017,99$, 32,99$
Shrimpsmall medium large4, 7, 1410,99$, 18,99$, 29,99$

Publix Deli Chicken Dishes

offer samplesmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
popcornsmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
Breaded Fried Chicken Wings (50 pieces)36,99 $
as asmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
Mixed Roasted Chicken (150 units)129,99 $
chicken tender boxGrande2859,99 $
popcornsmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
chicken contestsmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
chicken popcorn boxAverage size18, 2839,99$, 49,99$
wing samplersmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 39,99$, 49,99$
Easy Breaded Chicken Wings (50 pieces)36,99 $

Publix Deli Sandwich Plates

dishesSizeto meetPreis
cubanitysmall medium large10, 18, 2826,99$, 32,99$, 39,99$
subvegetalsmall medium large8-12, 16-20, 26-3023,99$, 35$, 48,99$
Supreme leaderOne size1019,99 $
presumed leaderOne size1019,99 $
turkey leaderOne size1019,99 $
ham flour wheelOne size513,99 $
Ultimate and Cheese - ReboloOne size513,99 $
italian leaderOne size1019,99 $
Slider – Meatball Marinara (spicy)klein515,99 $
mini animatormini514,99 $
Chicken - Grinding StoneOne sizeJune-0413,99 $
wind turbinessmall medium large10, 18, 2839,99$, 56,99$, 69,99$
Turkey - flour wheelOne size513,99 $
Italian and Cheese - GrindstoneOne size513,99 $
Veggie-RädelsführerOne size1017,99 $
Vegetariano – MahlradOne size59,99 $
subselectQuite1842,99 $
wheel of roast beef flourOne size513,99 $
diversity packagingsmall medium large10, 18, 2832,99$, 42,99$, 62,99$
animatorsmall medium large10, 18, 2825,99$, 33,99$, 39,99$
vegetable wrapsmall medium large8-12, 16-20, 26-3028,99$, 38,99$, 48,99$
Roast Beef LíderOne size1019,99 $

Publix Salad Counter

dishesSizeto meetPreis
Sur de CobbSmall medium10, 1827,99$, 44,99$
strawberrySmall medium10, 1824,99$, 42,99$
turkey cobSmall medium10, 1827,99$, 44,99$
head drawingSmall medium10, 1827,99$, 44,99$
CapreseSmall medium10, 1824,99$, 42,99$
seven turnsSmall medium10, 1827,99$, 44,99$
greek styleSmall medium10, 1824,99$, 42,99$
wild salmonSmall medium10, 1827,99$, 44,99$
césarSmall medium10, 1827,99$, 44,99$

children's dishes

dishesSizeto meetPreis
Roll-Up: Fruits and Nutssmall medium large10, 18, 2816,99$, 22,99$, 27,99$
Spicy Pepperoni Pizza Slidersklein515,99 $
wrapper: pizzasmall medium large10, 18, 2816,99$, 22,99$, 27,99$
Roll Up: Meat and Cheesesmall medium large10, 18, 2816,99$, 22,99$, 27,99$
Wrapped: Honey and Bananasmall medium large10, 18, 2816,99$, 22,99$, 27,99$
Hot Meatballs Marinara Sliderklein515,99 $
Wrap: peanut butter and berriessmall medium large10, 18, 2816,99$, 22,99$, 27,99$

Bakery Dessert Plates

dishesSizeto meetPreis
bakery cookiesQuite20-2522,99 $
breakfastAverage size20-25, 30-3522,99$, 38,99$
Cannoli-Teller (Mini)Quite15-2020,99 $
Mini CupcakesAverage size8-10, 20-2518,99$, 28,99$
Soccer Brownie Bites (15 Pieces)8-1013,99 $
fresh fruit cakesmall medium large15, 22, 3021,99$, 30,99$, 44,99$
Assorted cookies with icingGrande4629,99 $
Cream Tart (assorted)Average size16, 3218,99$, 31,99$
Dessert Kit: Cookie Lovers20-2228,99 $
classic petit fourklein8-1015,99 $
Mini croissant (assorted)Grande16-2018,99 $
brownie candysmall medium large8-10, 10-15, 15-2017,99$, 22,99$, 37,99$
chocolate covered strawberry10-1524,99 $
vegan cookieklein10-1515,99 $
Cookie sheet with icingQuite2218,99 $
decadent sweetssmall medium large10-15, 15-20, 25-3021,99$, 25,99$, 45,99$
Brownie – GreenWise BrookieAverage size8-10, 20-2516,99$, 24,99$
Keks: Mini-Jo-Josmall medium large12, 20, 3611,99$ 17,99$, 27,99$
pieces of doughAverage size18, 2814,99$, 22,99$
Keks: GreenWiseAverage size18,99$, 33,99$
Mini Muffin GwGrande15-2028,99 $
strawberry pasteQuite15-2032,99 $
Gourmet-KeksbissQuite2216,99 $
Cookie: GourmetGrande4630,99 $
mini bunsAverage size18, 2816,99$, 27,99$
mini pastelsmall medium large15, 22, 3721,99$, 30,99$, 44,99$
pastry delightsAverage size12, 2017,99$, 27,99$

Common Popular Dishes from Publix Catering

Publix's catering menu is constantly expanding as chefs create new and creative dishes to please your palate. If you still haven't decided what to order for your next event, here is a list of some popular Publix discs that you may find useful:

01. Variety of Wrap Deli

The wraps are simply delicious, even if they are not from Publix Catering.

They are easier to eat compared to sandwiches, come in a wider variety of flavors, and are welcome any time of day.

The elegant arrangement of lettuce and tomato matches any decor, and ingredients can be chosen separately for each type of wrap.

Customize 3 different wrap types with 6 different meat and cheese options! You can even choose a vegetarian alternative!

02. Assorted Plate Deli Dip

This dish is the perfect snack for any event! Ideal for parties and informal gatherings, the plate includes 3 tasty snacks, 2 different snacks and 2 vegetable options.

Select each item and delight your guests with a crunchy and healthy surprise.

There are 7 different dips between hummus, 4 types of snacks and 7 types of nutritious vegetables to complete the meal. Of course baby carrots are a customer favorite!

Publix Catering Menu Dishes Prices (Deli+Subs+Seafood+Salad+Desserts) - Arte Moderna Catering (2)

03. Head of Boar Mix und Mingle Caja Delicatessen

Charcuterie Boxes are those Instagrammable dishes that look too pretty to eat. Apart from the aesthetics, the dishes are also a gourmet delight!

All the ingredients are fresh and the great variety offood makes everyone happyLikes: From dark chocolate covered almonds to salami and gouda cheese, the deli box has it all.

04. Deli Tender Sampler Platter

Of course, there is nothing tastier than classic chicken! Served chilled and cold, the tender tasting platter includes crispy boneless chicken to be enjoyed with 4 different sauces.

A plate contains between 13,150 and 19,350 calories, so that in itself should be a description of its value.

05. Gourmet Cookie Plate

Finish off with something sweet, the gourmet roasting pan is one of the most beneficial options out there.

At an average of $16.99, you can add 22 cookies of three different types to give your guests a tasty treat at the end of the party.

Publix Catering vs Anderes Catering

The Publix Catering menu has become one of the most successful options and there is more than one reason for its fame.

Here are some notable differences in how Publix offers its customers a better catering experience:

#Unlike many other catering brands, it offers its customers pickup and delivery options.

#publixhas a great varietyof items Unlike other restaurants, it does not just offer its customers a delicious and perfect dish.

weathereverything you hadnecessary for the catering of an event, from the starters to the dessert.

#It offers a complete catering service based on suggestions andcustomizable meal plansand I end up cleaning

#Customers can browse the catering menu by event to find out whatbest suits your needs.

Publix Catering Reviews

Publix is ​​securely locatedfor the affordableEnd of catering price list.

The menu is diverse enough to accommodate events of any budget, from a children's birthday party to a wedding.

It includes everything from gourmet cookies to extravagant cakes and from simple sandwich platters to New England baked seafood platters.

Talking about nutritional values, Publix Catering tops the list.

Of course, some delicious foods are notthe healthiest options, like the turkey brie sandwich with maple syrup.

However, this is impressive.runs the restaurantincluding vegetarian, low-carb, and even full-service salads and bowls on the menu.

More Information Publix Links


frequent questions

How many people can eat from a Publix leader?

The Publix header is a ring-shaped sandwich panel for practical and aesthetic purposes.

It's one of the classic party options available for turkey and ham sandwiches. One plate serves about 10 people and contains around 360 calories per serving.

The number can, of course, vary depending on the appetite of your guests.

Full service catering, what does that mean?

Publix confirms it on the official websitecan offer a complete serviceGastronomy.

The serviceconsists of all stepsnecessary for successful catering, from planning the dishes, combining ingredients and sizes for the event, to delivery, setup, service during the event and clean-up afterward.

What sets it apart is the design and service of the drinks bar.

When should I place the catering order for delivery/pickup?

According to the catering team, preparing high-quality dishes takes time.Orders must be madepicked up/delivered at least 24 hours before and even before the event so they are warm and tasty.

Is there a minimum order quantity if I choose delivery?

The delivery option may apply to orders under $150, but with some additional charges.

Please note that there are additional costs for the delivery process itself. So if your order isn't that big, it's a good idea to pick it up at your nearest Publix.

What are the procedures to reschedule or cancel the event?

Emergencies can happen at any time. Best to contact the catering consultant you worked with / the Publix location where you ordered and explain the situation.

Details can be changed and a solution will be found that everyone is happy with. Obviously it depends on how close to the event you are calling.

final thoughts

All in all, Publix's catering menu is one of the best options available. Its variety, cost, and customizable ingredients really give it an authentic zing.

Delivery and pickup options are available and the order can be easily placed in person, online or over the phone.

Try the delicious deliThe menus, the tables of sweet desserts or the exquisite seafood and the impressive catering services!

The restaurant even uploads their recipes to YouTube so everyone can challenge their creativity and cooking skills!


How many subs does Publix medium sub platter have? ›

Place your order with peace of mind.

What is the ultimate sub at Publix? ›

Product details. Publix Deli oven-roasted turkey breast, top round roast beef, tavern ham, and Swiss cheese on your choice of multi-grain or white Publix Bakery sub roll.

What kind of sandwiches does Publix have? ›

Our sandwiches are all made fresh in-store with meats raised without antibiotics. And they're all really, really good.
  • Boar's Head Ham And Brie Baguette.
  • Boar's Head Holiday Everyday.
  • Boar's Head Lemon Sage Turkey Signature.
  • Boar's Head Turkey And Brie Baguette.
  • Boar's Head Turkey Pesto Foccacia.

How many tenders are in a Publix large platter? ›

Publix Deli Serves 26 to 30 Large Chicken Tender Platter.

How many subs do you get in a platter? ›

Customize Your Own Sandwich or Wrap Platter serves 5-9

Includes your choice of 5 sandwich or wrap flavors with your choice of bread, cheese, toppings, and sauces.

What is the cost of a Publix sub? ›

Publix subs usually cost $8.99. The Pub sub has been dubbed the No. 1 sandwich in America by Thrillist has always been Florida's “unofficial state sandwich,” according to website.

What kind of cold Subs Does Publix have? ›

Product Description
  • Publix American Sub. Publix Deli ham, roast beef, bologna, and American cheese on your choice of multi-grain, white, or whole wheat Publix Bakery sub roll. ...
  • Publix Chicken Tender Sub. ...
  • Publix Cuban Sub. ...
  • Publix Deli Mojo Pork Sub. ...
  • Publix Deluxe Sub. ...
  • Publix Egg Salad Sub. ...
  • Publix Ham Sub. ...
  • Publix Italian Sub.

What is the Italian sub at Publix? ›

Publix Deli Genoa salami, tavern ham, cappacolla, and provolone cheese on your choice of multi-grain or white Publix Bakery sub roll. You select the delicious veggie toppings.

What is the Jaguar sub at Publix? ›

What's on a Jaguars sub? The report says it is a white sub roll, chicken tenders, Boar's Head bacon, deli imported cheddar cheese, deli sweet cole slaw and barbecue mayonnaise.

Does Publix make sub sandwiches? ›

Order right here, and we'll prepare your sub to your exact specifications.

What size sub does Publix have? ›

Deli Subs. You can make a 6- or 12-inch sub at Publix with your choice of ingredients, including bread and wraps, veggies, cheese, and meat. Go for the 6-inch sub and focus on filling your sandwich with low-fat protein and lots of veggies.

What is on a Publix Cuban sub? ›

Publix Deli Smoky Cuban Sandwich

It features Publix tavern ham, smoked pulled pork, Swiss cheese and pickles on a white sub roll and completed with a mayonnaise and mustard mix.

How far in advance can you order Publix catering? ›

In order to accommodate events of all sizes, please place your order at least 24 hours in advance. For more immediate requests, contact your local Publix Catering consultant directly.

Do you tip Publix catering delivery? ›

It is our pleasure to cater your event. No tipping, please. If you received excellent service, we'd love to hear about it! Please let us know by visiting our Contact Us page.

What 6 items is Publix limiting? ›

FirstCoastNews reported all Publix stores will limit sales on six items: coconut flakes, dairy whipping cream, half & half creamers, frozen pie shells, frozen hashbrowns and canola, vegetable and corn oil.

How many platters do I need for 100 people? ›

So, for an event of 100 guests, you'll need 80 platters to feed the guests at “full meal” capacity. You may feel the need to order 1-2 more than your calculation, but keep in mind that different guests have different levels of appetite.

How many sandwiches do I need for 20 people? ›

As a general rule, ordering 1.5 sandwiches per person is the perfect number. If you're ordering a salad or an accompanying platter, 1 sandwich per person is the preferred portion size.

How much does it cost for 50 subs? ›

How Much are 50 Gifted Subs on Twitch? To gift 50 subs you will need to pay $249.50 for each Twitch account that has a tier 1 sub. If they are all tier 2 subs it 50 gift subs will cost $499.50 in total. 50 gifted tiers 3 subs will set you back $999.60 plus any additional fees that may be incurred.

What comes in the Publix family meal deal? ›

Family meals come with two 16-oz. sides, choice of cornbread or King's Hawaiian rolls, and choice of 4 sauces. Includes 12-pieces. So many delicious choices, so little room on the plate.

How do I order a custom sub from Publix? ›

How do I make the sub I want to order? Go to the Subs tab under In-Store Pickup and select the sub and options you'd like, including size, bread/wrap flavor, cheese, toppings, heating options, and combo items.

What is in the Falcon sub at Publix? ›

Try the Atlanta Falcons Sub.

It's made with sweet maple-flavored chicken tenders, Boar's Head® bacon, mango-peach preserves, and sriracha mayo on a white sub roll.

What is in Publix chicken salad sub? ›

Cooked Chicken Breast Meat (With Water, Salt, Sodium Phosphate), Mayonnaise (Soybean Oil, Egg Yolks With Salt, Water, Vinegar, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Spice, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Calcium Disodium Edta [Preservative]), Celery, Pickle Relish (Cucumber, Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Natural ...

What bread does Publix use for subs? ›

Subs and Sandwiches. Choice of White, Whole Wheat or Italian 5 Grain Bread.

What comes on Publix chicken tender sub? ›

I went with a half-size sub roll, chicken tenders, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard for $6.79. I watched as the professional behind the counter did their thing — layering the fried chicken, cheese, veggies, and sauce in a calculated order.

What is on a Maine Italian sub? ›

A standard Maine Italian Sandwich is a long soft white roll split in the middle and filled with boiled Danish ham, American cheese, white onions, green peppers, cured black olives, tomatoes, and sour pickles. Salt and Pepper are sprinkled on top followed by a blend of canola and olive oil.

Is Publix Italian sub good? ›

The Italian sub is made up of tavern ham, cappacola, genoa salami and provolone cheese — topped just the way you like it. This is definitely a sub for the meat lovers and will not disappoint. Even better, try it toasted! This sub is perfect when you want a filling lunch.

What is the Publix Bucs sub? ›

Try the Buccaneers Sub.

Made with hot Deli chicken tenders, Boar's Head® bacon, cheddar cheese, spicy gold sauce, lettuce, and tomato on a white sub roll.

What is on the Publix tailgater sub? ›

Here for a limited time, the Jaguars Sub is made with hot Deli chicken tenders, Boar's Head® bacon, cheddar cheese, sweet coleslaw, and barbecue mayonnaise on a white sub roll.

Does Publix sell fish sandwiches? ›

Gortons Fish Fillets, Breaded, Fish Sandwich | Publix Super Markets.

Does Publix make finger sandwiches? ›

Finger Sandwiches:

Publix Deli Chicken Breast Salad with spinach leaf on Publix Bakery Pumpernickel Bread. Publix Deli Savory Tarragon Chicken Breast Salad with chopped parsley served on thin-sliced Publix Bakery Breakfast Bread. Publix Deli Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese Spread on Publix Bakery Pumpernickel Bread.

Which is better Subway or Publix? ›

The overall winner. Not only was the Publix sandwich easier to eat, it tasted better. The flavors and textures were harmonious and even though it was the more substantial of the two, it cost a few cents less, resulting in an overall better value.

Does Publix sell their sub rolls? ›

Deli Style Sub Rolls 2 Ct | Publix Super Markets.

What is a standard size sub? ›

12 Inch Subwoofers: By far the most common subwoofer is the 12 inch subwoofer; it's a great mix of accuracy and loudness. They hit the lower notes without using all that much power.

What is the smallest Publix? ›

The Tampa Bay Business Journal reported in October that Publix was developing a design for a 20,000-square-foot store in Charlotte, North Carolina. West said the average Publix store is about 45,000 square feet, and the chain's current smallest location is 27,000 square feet.

Is Publix limiting certain items? ›

In addition to seasonal items, the grocer is still limiting customers to two each of other everyday essentials, including canola and vegetable oil; cream cheese; bacon; rolled breakfast sausage; paper napkins; disposable plates, cups, and cutlery; bath tissue; refrigerated snacks such as Lunchables; sports drinks; ...

What is the Italian wrap at Publix? ›

Boar's Head® genoa salami, tavern ham, cappy, and provolone cheese on your choice of multi-grain or white Publix Bakery sub roll. Finished with your choice of delicious veggie toppings.

What is in a Panera Cuban sandwich? ›

Cuban Sandwich

Artisan ham, shredded pork, Emmental cheese, mustard and sweet and spicy pickles on Artisan Ciabatta.

What is the most famous Cuban sandwich? ›

Pan con bistec is a traditional sandwich originating from Cuba. Although there are many versions, and the preparation varies from one restaurant to another, it's usually prepared with toasted Cuban or French bread, sliced beef steak, grilled onions, tomatoes, potato sticks, and lettuce.

How long can catered food last? ›

No food should be kept in room temperature for more than 4 hours from the time it is cooked at the caterer's kitchen to the time it is consumed.

What does Publix do with old food? ›

This program engages Publix associates in hunger alleviation efforts by having them gather perishable foods that are no longer salable and donate them to Feeding America member food banks and other nonprofit organizations.

How many pinwheels are in a Publix platter? ›

Publix Deli Medium Serves 16 20 Pinwheels Platter.

How many wings are in a large Publix platter? ›

Publix Deli Large Serves 26-30 Wing Platter.

What is a good tip for catering delivery? ›

Here's what ezCater Says

Our recommended tip range for catering delivery drivers, as featured in our FAQs, is: 10% for large orders (over $100) 15% for smaller orders. A $5 minimum for all deliveries.

How many wings come in a Publix platter? ›

Publix Deli Small Serves 8 - 12 Wing Platter.

Why are the shelves empty at Publix? ›

In a statement, Publix said:“The supermarket supply chain is under a lot of stress, impacted by product and labor shortages, demand, record exports, shipping constraints, and inflation.

Can you bring your own bags to Publix? ›

You too can help make a difference for our environment—it's easy! Just bring your reusable bags when you shop.

What are the busiest times at Publix? ›

6pm-7pm is the busiest time of the day today with a small drop from 7 to 8pm. The first few hours they're open is the time to hit Publix. Crowds are about half of what you'll encounter in the last few hours, according to Google Maps.

How big are the subs in Subway platters? ›

Each Platter contains 15 four inch sub, serve 5 - 9 pax. Chicken Ham, Roast Beef, Egg Mayo, Turkey, Veggie Deluxe.

How many pinwheels are in a small Publix tray? ›

Publix Deli Small Serves 8 12 Pinwheels Platter.

How many subs does Publix sell? ›

Possibly the closest thing you can find in the United States that compares to the love Floridians have for the Publix sub is a for Pennsylvania-based Wawa's hoagie. The cult-inspiring convenience chain, which is headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania, serves up 80 million of its sandwiches a year.

How many people does a 6-foot Subway sub feed? ›

6-foot Giant Sub*: Contains 36 two inch portions, serves 18-25.

What is the biggest size of Subway sandwich? ›

Subway knows the secret to success: delicious sub sandwiches that come in two sizes – 6-inch, for when you're looking for a quick bite; and 12-inch “footlongs,” perfect if your appetite is more substantial.

How many wings are in a Publix large platter? ›

Publix Deli Large Serves 26 to 30 Wing Sampler Platter.

What is a pinwheel tray? ›

$60.00. Soft flour tortillas are layered with a variety of cream cheese spreads, meats, cheeses and veggies, then rolled and sliced for a spiral appetizer. Choose up to four filling varieties: Ham, Smoked Turkey, Salami, Roast Beef or Veggie. Contains 32 pieces.

What is plate pinwheel sandwiches? ›

Pinwheel Sandwiches are Rolled Sandwiches using tortilla wraps with a tasty filling. For this recipe I focus on a chicken cream cheese layer. Simply combine the ingredients, spread on the tortilla sheets, wrap and cut. They work as appetizers, lunch box fillers or game day snacks.

How many inches are Publix subs? ›

Deli Subs. You can make a 6- or 12-inch sub at Publix with your choice of ingredients, including bread and wraps, veggies, cheese, and meat. Go for the 6-inch sub and focus on filling your sandwich with low-fat protein and lots of veggies.

What kind of cold subs Does Publix have? ›

Product Description
  • Publix American Sub. Publix Deli ham, roast beef, bologna, and American cheese on your choice of multi-grain, white, or whole wheat Publix Bakery sub roll. ...
  • Publix Chicken Tender Sub. ...
  • Publix Cuban Sub. ...
  • Publix Deli Mojo Pork Sub. ...
  • Publix Deluxe Sub. ...
  • Publix Egg Salad Sub. ...
  • Publix Ham Sub. ...
  • Publix Italian Sub.

What kind of bread does Publix use for their subs? ›

Subs and Sandwiches. Choice of White, Whole Wheat or Italian 5 Grain Bread.

What kind of mayo does Publix use on subs? ›

We use the finest, real ingredients in Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise and sandwich spreads. In fact, we're on a mission to use 100% cage-free eggs and 100% responsibly sourced soybean oil by 2020, and we're pleased to say we're already well on our way.

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