Olive Garden Menu Prices - Normal menu and catering with nutritional information (2023)

Olive Garden has an extensive menu for its customers. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up with new dishes being introduced or new food sections being added to the menu. To help customers keep track of menu items and prices at Olive Garden restaurants, we have provided detailed Olive Garden menu prices below.

Olive Garden Restaurant: Authentic Italian Cuisine

Olive Garden is a chain of casual restaurants in the United States that specializes in Italian-American cuisine. Its parent organization is Darden Restaurants. The headquarters are located in Orange County, Florida. As of May 2018, Olive Garden has approximately 892 locations worldwide, including up to 6 locations in Canada.

Olive Garden Menu Prices - Normal menu and catering with nutritional information (1)

Olive Garden has many slogans to engage with customers. Among many, one of his catchphrases was "Good times, great salad, olive garden" when his focus was primarily promoting unlimited salads. Later in 2013, their catchphrase was retouched into "Here we are all one family". This shifts the focus to family dining and creates a menu that appeals to the tastes of the entire family. Olive Garden is also famous for its mass promotion gimmicks like the Never Ending Pasta Bowl and the Lifetime Pasta Pass. In these, he offers his clients unlimited masses under certain conditions.

The Olive Garden is best known for reintroducing authentic Italian cuisine to Americans. Their famous dishes include: Olive Garden Minestrone Soup, Olive Garden Gnocchi Soup, Olive Garden Endless Pasta, Olive Garden Shrimp Scampi, Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli, Olive Garden Chicken Marsala, Olive Garden Chicken Piccata Garden and Olive Garden Lasagna. This Olive Garden seems a bit pricey for guests, but you can always stop by for happy hour or order the combo meals, which are on sale at a discount.

Olive Garden menu with prices

The Olive Garden offers a wide variety of dishes on its menu. It has sections such as Specials, Dinners, Lunches, Children, Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Wines and Desserts. Each of their ingredients is made fresh and in-house, instead of using canned or imported products. The Olive Garden keeps its menu and dining alive with mind-blowing performances. In 2010, the restaurant began offering desserts in smaller portions, calling them Dolcini.

Olive Garden appetizer prices

In the appetizer department, Olive Green offers dishes like calamari, chicken alfredo flatbread, and the classic shrimp and prawn fritta. Plates in this range are priced from $3.49 to $10.99.

Olive orchard appetizers
Crispy Risotto BitesUS$5.99
Garnelen Shrimp Fried ClassicUS$8.99
Create an Italian sampler (3 options)$ 11,49
Smoked mozzarella fondue$ 8,49
fried artichokes$ 6,49
Grilled Chicken Bread$ 8,79
salsas para baguettes$ 3,49
Calabrian Spicy WingsUS$8.99
Create an Italian sampler (2 options)$ 9,49
Half a dozen baked breadsticks$ 2,99
pan mediterranean$ 8,79
Pan plano pizza maker$ 7,49
fried lasagna$ 8,79
classic squid$ 9,49
stuffed mushrooms$ 7,49
Fried spicy prawnsUS$8.99
dozen baked sticks$4,79
spicy calamari$ 9,49

Olive Garden Soups and Salads

There is always a touch of freshness and health in the soups and salads served at Olive Gardens. It has things like: chicken and gnocchi, unlimited soup, baguettes and salad, minestrone and their famous house salad. Prices range from -$5 to $10.99.

Salads and soups at Olive Garden
tuscan soup$ 5,49
pasta and beans$ 5,49
Thick vegetable and noodle soup$ 5,49
chicken and gnocchi$ 5,49
Your famous house saladUS$5.99

Olive Garden seafood menu

The seafood served at Olive Garden is just as fresh as their other products. Their prices range from -$16.29 to $18.79. Some of their famous dishes in this area include carbonara with chicken and shrimp, grilled salmon with herbs, piccata with salmon, and seafood alfredo.

Olive Garden Seafood
Garnelen Carbonara$ 19,79
Grilled salmon with herbs$ 17,79
shrimp alfredoUS$16.99
Tilapia piccata$ 15,79
fried shrimp$ 16,29
Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara$ 18,79

Olive Garden's menu for beef and pork dishes

Olive Garden offers 4 beef and pork dishes, all from $15 to $16.99. They are - Roast Beef and Tortelloni, Roast Beef Bolognese, Roast Beef with Fettuccine Alfredo and Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo. This section gives customers one more reason to run away to Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Menu Beef and Pork Menu
Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo$ 19,03
Carne Assada and Tortelloni$ 17,68
tuscan sirloin$ 21,60

Olive Garden menu with chicken dishes

Who doesn't love chicken? With a menu loaded with chicken, Olive Garden certainly doesn't disappoint. As its name suggests, it gives its unique flavor to chicken dishes: Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Giardino, A Tour of Italy and Chicken Margherita. The prices of these dishes range from -$14.79 to $18.79.

Olivengarten Chicken Menu
Garlic and rosemary chicken$ 14,79
Chicken Marsala$ 16,49
Chicken fingersUS$15.99
Stuffed Chicken Marsala$ 17,29
chicken alfredoUS$14.99
chicken carbonara$ 18,79
minced chicken$ 15,79
Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara$ 18,79

Olive Garden restaurant menu for classic dishes

Classic Dishes or Cucina classica is one of the most recognizable sections of the Olive Garden menu. It offers dishes like grilled chicken parmigiana, classic lasagna, portobello ravioli and a tour of Italy. The suit stays between -$12 and $17.

Olive Garden Italian Classics
Rotini without gluten with Marinara or Primavera$28,99
Fettuccine Alfredo$29,99
Spaghetti with meat sauce with chicken meatballs$42,99
Baked Ziti with Five Cheeses$28,99
Spaghetti with Marinara$24,99
Cheese ravioli with marinara or meat sauceUS$30.99
Gluten-Free Rotini with Marinara or Primavera and Grilled Chicken$42,99
Spaghetti with marinara and chicken meatballsUS$39.99
Classic Lasagna (for 10-12 people)$42,99
Classic Lasagna (for 6-8 people)US$32.99
Spaghetti with meat sauce and meatballs or Italian sausageUS$37.99
Spaghetti with marinara and meatballs or Italian sausageUS$34.99

Olivengarten Pasta Menu

Olive Garden is known for its pasta and bread varieties. Customers can make their own bowl of noodles for $9.99. You can choose between 6 types of pasta and 5 sauces and toppings.

Olive Garden Lighter Menu

Olive Garden offers its customers cheaper plans with prices ranging from -$8.99 to $12.79. It has dishes like garlic rosemary chicken, spring lasagna with grilled chicken, and ravioli di portobello.

Italian but light food.

Garlic and rosemary chicken$ 14,79
Tilapia piccata$ 15,79
Grilled salmon with herbs$ 17,79
fried shrimp$ 16,29
minced chicken$ 15,79

Traditional dishes from the olive grove

Olive Garden follows the traditional route to bring its diners some of the most delicious dishes from the hands of its chefs. In this section you will find dishes that have been loved by people for a long time. We have cheese ravioli, chicken alfredo, chicken parmigiana, and chicken with shrimp. Menu prices at Olive Garden for these items range from $8 to $12.79.

Olive Garden Cucina Classica Classic Recipes
create your own$ 11,19
chicken parmesan$ 17,35
Fettuccine Alfredo$ 14,55
Classic Lasagna$ 16,00
Huge rigatoni stuffed with sausage$ 17,12
Eggplants parmigiana$ 14,88
Northern Italy Tour$ 17,91
Portobello-Ravioli$ 15,44
Baked Ziti with Five Cheeses$ 14,55
cheese ravioli$ 14,55
italy tour$ 20,15

Olive Garden menu for sandwiches and flatbread combos

These combinations are offered along with soups and salads. Available in a price range of $6.99 to $9.99. Dishes include: Caprese Flatbread, Half Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich, and Whole Grilled Chicken Flatbread.

Olive Garden Sandwiches and Flatbread Combos
Italian meatball sandwich (half)US$6.99
Pan plano pizza makerUS$7.99
Italian meatball sandwich (whole)$ 9,49
Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich (whole)US$9.99
pan mediterraneanUS$7.99
Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich (half)$ 7,49
Grilled Chicken BreadUS$7.99

Olive Garden Children's Menu

Like every other casual restaurant chain in the United States, Olive Garden has not only focused on adults, but has also created a children's menu. It offers dishes such as alfredo sauce with your choice of pasta, cheese ravioli, cheeseburger, cheese piadina, and breaded chicken and pasta. Olive Garden prices for these items range from $1.79 to $6.99.

Olive Garden Children's Menu
cheese ravioli$ 6,71
Alfredo sauce with choice of pasta$ 6,71
Breaded chicken and macaroni$ 6,37
Five cheese marinara with choice of pasta$ 6,71
cheese tortelloni$ 6,71
Tomato sauce with pasta of your choice$ 6,71
sundae$ 2,00
Peach Mango Smoothie$2,56
pasta with cheese$ 6,71
Strawberry Banana Smoothie$2,56
kids pizza$ 6,71
Dolcini (Mini-Postres)$2,79
Meat sauce with pasta of your choice$ 6,71

Postre Menu Olive Garden

No restaurant would commit to their particular menu area, as customers like to end their meals with a dessert, or sometimes even two. Olive Garden serves up a delicious black tie mousse cake, mini dolcini desserts, lemon custard tart, seasonal Sicilian cheesecake, and tiramisu. Prices range from $2.99 ​​to $7.29.

Olive orchard desserts
caramel$ 2,99
lemon cake$ 6,49
hot apple pie$ 6,79
Es war Mousse Black Tie$ 7,29
Chocolate Caramel Lasagna$ 7,29
Tiramisu$ 6,49
Seasonal Sicilian cheesecake$ 6,79
of the police$ 6,49

Olive Garden Toothpick

Olive Garden menu and breadstick prices are:

Half a dozen$ 2,99

Olive Garden drink menu

Beverages served include soda, raspberry lemonade, freshly brewed iced tea, and San Pellegrino. Prices range from -$2 to $3.

drinks without alcohol

Strawberry Banana Smoothie$2,29
Cappuccino$ 4,00
Caramelo Avela Macchiato$ 4,00
Mobile drinks 2 litersUS$3.99
frozen cappuccino$ 4,00
Bellini Raspberry Peach Iced Tea$ 2,99
mocha coffee$ 4,00
fruit juice$2,89
Kiwi Melon Lemonade$ 3,00
Acqua Panna Quellwasser$ 2,50
San Pellegrino sparkling water$ 2,50
Cold coffee$2,79
raspberry lemonade$ 2,99
Raspberry Lemonade and ToGo Gallon Iced Tea$4,99
Strawberry Passion Fruit Limonata$ 3,00
Peach Mango Smoothie$2,29
freshly brewed iced tea$2,69
Lavazza-Espresso$ 3,00
coffee with milk$ 4,00
Herbal and flavored hot teas$2,59

Family-Style ToGo Packages

Olive Garden To Go Family Meal Packs are

Family Style Lasagna Pack60 $

Olive Garden Salad Menu (exclusive salads)

Olive Garden's updated menu prices for Signature Salads are listed below.

Italian meat and cheese antipastiUS$5.99
Roasted Caprese TomatoesUS$5.99
Caesar Salad with Umbo Grilled Chicken$25,99
Add a unique salad dressing
Our famous jumbo house salad$ 17,49

Lunch menu in the olive garden.

Olive Garden's lunch specials have 2 combos priced at $6.99 and $9.98. The first is the classic lunch combo with dishes like Pasta e Fagioli, Chicken Gnocchi, Zuppa Toscana, and Minestrone. The second combination is the Tuscan trio, which includes items like signature salad dressings, Italian small plates, and mini pasta bowls. Olive Garden menu lunch prices for these combinations may vary by location.

Olive Garden Wine List

Olive Garden's menu, wine and beer prices vary by location. Most locations include,

  • Primo Amore Moscato – $22
  • Cavit Pinot Grigio – US$28
  • Rosa Moscato-Konfetti – $22
  • Süßer roter Roscato Rosso Dolce – $22
  • Pinot Grigio Kris – US$ 33,50
  • Poggio Moscato Castle – US$33.50
  • Casa Branca Zinfandel Sutter – 27 $
  • Rosé Face to Face - $29.00
  • Riesling Château Ste. Michelle – US$ 31,50
  • Sauvignon Blanc Starborough – US$ 37,00

You can find a complete and accurate menu in your nearest olive grove that you can visithttps://www.olivegarden.com/vinoand check your location.

Menú Happy Hour Olive Garden

Some Olive Garden restaurants offer Happy Hour. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Includes tasting of Italian dishes, cocktails, wines and beers whose price ranges between -$5 and $6.

Olive Garden specialties

Double dining options available to customers. It includes endless stuffed pastas, a special Valentine's Day meal, lunch and dinner favorites for two, and a few others that can be viewed on the site.https://www.olivegarden.com/specials

Some of the specialties on the Olive Garden menu are:

  • 5 drinks for $5 each
  • Huge Chicken Parmigiana
  • Lunch specials starting at $7.99
  • Take home $5

Olive Garden Menu 2 par 25

There is an "Italian Dinner for 2 for $25" at the Olive Garden where guests can get a 3 course Italian meal and it's only $25, your meal for two. This is a limited time offer, so please call your nearest location to confirm availability.

Olive Garden Buy One Get One

Olive Garden is now offering a Buy One, Get One sale on all to-go orders. If you buy a ready-made ticket, you get another free take-out and eat-in ticket the next day. Tickets for this offer start at $12.99.

  • first course
    • Fettuccine Alfredo
    • 5 baked ziti cheeses
    • pamigiana chicken
    • Spaghetti and meat sauce
    • cheese ravioli
    • lasagna
  • second entry
    • Fettuccine Alfredo
    • 5 baked ziti cheeses
    • Spaghetti and meat sauce
    • cheese ravioli

Olive Garden Dinner Menu

Olive Garden offers more than 50 dinner combinations Monday through Thursday (3:00 PM to 5:00 PM). Pair your favorite dishes with a variety of salads, soups or breadsticks of your choice. Prices for these dinner dishes vary by location.

Olive Garden Veterans Day Menu

The Olive Garden has a special menu for Veterans Day. Eligible heroes get up to 20% off menu items, and there's a free meal that includes an appetizer, unlimited salad, soup, and garlic sticks.

Olive Garden Catering Menu

Oliver Garden has a separate catering menu for their guests. It has subsections such as appetizers, soups, typical salads, toasts, chicken, meats, seafood, sauces, desserts, garnishes and its catering combinations for about 10 people.https://www.olivegarden.com/catering

Combos de Catering Olive Garden

professional person$ 9,50
professional person$ 11,00
professional person$ 10,00
professional person$ 6,75
Chicken with garlic and rosemary (for 10 people)$ 110,00
Combined lasagna (for 10 people)$ 100,00
Combination of soups, salads and rolls (for 10 people)$ 67,50
Combined Chicken Parmesan (for 10 people)$ 95,00

Nutritional information for the olive orchard

Olive Garden's priority is full transparency with its customers. It lists the nutrient content for all your dishes and meals. They also significantly reduced sodium levels. The official site with complete nutritional information for the Olive Garden menu ishttps://www.olivegarden.com/nutricion🇧🇷 You can get Calories, Sodium, Sugar, Fat, Cholesterol, Protein, Olive Garden Energy and more information for each menu item.

Olive Garden Allergen Menu

Many meals are reduced if you are allergic to certain ingredients. At Olive Garden, special care is taken to make each guest's dining experience memorable and exceptional. Therefore, they provide customers with a detailed list of menu items that contain allergens and intolerant things. For complete information on allergies, go tohttps://www.olivegarden.com/nutrition/food-allergies

Menu like Gluten Olive Garden

Olive Garden offers its customers a gluten-free menu. However, guests should be aware that the risk of contamination is always present as different oils are cooked in the same oil. You have to ask the waiter to give you exactly the gluten free meals. The gluten-free menu includes starters such as grilled salmon with fine herbs and the famous house salad. For more gluten-free options, seehttps://www.olivegarden.com/nutrition/dieta-sensible-al-gluten

Olive Garden Vegan Food

Olive Garden has some amazing vegan options like breadsticks (garlic butter and marinara sauce are dairy free), house salad (no croutons, use oil and vinegar for dressing), bruschetta caprese (ask the server to bring this meal without cheese; balsamic drizzle and basil oil for dipping) and Steamed Broccoli Strawberry Banana Smoothie.https://www.olivegarden.com/nutrition/vegetarian-and-vegan-optionsfor more vegan options from Olive Garden.

Olive Garden contact details


Side? place:

1000 Darden Mainframe,
Orlando Florida,
The United States.

Contact number: (800) 331-2729

For delivery to Olive Garden: You can order online at https://www.olivegarden.com/order-online for delivery or takeout/pickup. Olive Garden's takeout menu is similar to the regular menu, which you can view above or on the mobile app before ordering.

Olive garden opening hours

The Olive Garden opens at 11am. m. and closes at 10 p.m. m. Monday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays it opens at 11am but closes an hour later than usual at 11pm. The normal opening hours of 11:00 to 22:00 reapply on Sunday. Olive Gardens is open on most holidays, except Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas.

olive garden near me

You can find an olive garden near you by visiting the store locator and entering your city, state, and zip code. the link is-https://www.olivegarden.com/ubicaciones/ubicación-búsqueda

Olive Garden Reviews

Olive Garden is a delight for lovers of Italian cuisine with a different twist. The stuffed noodles served at Olive Garden attract people from far and wide. It offers great combos and deals like the latest Valentine's Day 2 takeout specials. It has received a lot of criticism when it comes to calories in food and the like. But with its new gluten-free and vegan menu, it has paved a healthier path for customers.

frequent questions

Delivery of the olive garden?

Yes, Oliver Garden offers delivery.

Is Olive Garden food frozen?

No, Olive Garden is not frozen.

Does Olive Garden accept reservations?

Yes, Olive Garden accepts reservations.

Olive Garden Temp-Pizza?

Sim, Olive Garden sirve pizza.

Olive Garden drug test?

No, Olive Garden does not conduct drug testing.

Hat Olive Garden Steaks?

Ha, Olive Garden hat steaks.

Does Olive Garden offer military discounts?

No, Olive Garden does not offer military discounts.

Does Olive Garden do anything for birthdays?

Yes, Olive Garden offers complimentary dessert.

Does Olive Garden have takeout?

Yes, Olive Garden offers takeout.

What are Olive Garden's specialties?

Olive Garden has stuffed pasta, a special menu for Valentine's Day.

How much is Chicken Alfredo at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo is priced at around $12.

Who is the owner of the olive garden?

Darden Restaurants own the Olive Garden.

Is the olive garden good?

Yes, Olive Garden is good and you have several options to choose from.

¿Olive Garden es caro?

Olive Garden can be considered a bit expensive.

Temporary Olive Garden Wi-Fi?

SIM, Wi-Fi Theme Olive Garden.

How much is soup and salad at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden's soups and salads are priced around $5.

How much is Soup Salad and Baguettes at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden's soups, salads and baguettes are priced at $6.99.

How much are Olive Garden baguettes?

The price of dips with 4 breadsticks at Olive Garden is $3.49.

Does Olive Garden have a bar?

Yes, Olive Garden has a bar.

How much is a glass of wine at the Olive Garden?

A glass of wine is around $8 at the Olive Garden.

In that Olive Garden atrium?

Yes, Olive Garden has a catering service. You can see the catering menu in the section above.

How much does the catering cost at the Olive Garden?

Prices for Olive Garden services start at $12.50 per person.

Is Olive Garden sauce gluten free?

Yes, Olive Garden has gluten free sauce.

Is Olive Garden healthy?

Yes, Olive Garden has vegan and gluten free options.

Does Olive Garden have gluten free pasta?

Yes, Olive Garden has gluten free pasta.

¿Olive Garden no contiene gluten?

Yes, Olive Garden is gluten free.

When does Olive Garden close?

Olive Garden closes at 10pm.

When is the olive garden open?

Olive Garden opens at 11am.


At Olive Garden, the whole focus is on getting people excited about Italian cuisine with a light twist. With improved Olive Garden menu prices, restaurant logo, and revamped restaurants, their sole goal is to make people fall in love with modern Italy. It offers numerous options of dishes, all prepared with fresh ingredients. The entire dining experience comes down to a casual setting with great food and impeccable service.


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