Frisco, USA: things to do in this snowy county - updated 2022 (2023)

Be entertained and thrilled at the Frisco Nordic Center

Frisco, USA: things to do in this snowy county - updated 2022 (1)

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Just minutes from Frisco's main street, the Frisco Nordic Center offers top-notch facilities for skating, classic cross-country skiing and even snowshoeing. With 46 kilometers (28.6 miles) of well-maintained trails, the Nordic Center is a ski enthusiast's paradise. Take a self-guided tour along mapped and marked trails. Children can take sleds to join the adult skiers. Take a scenic drive along the trails or, if you're feeling more adventurous, go on a challenging hike. Nordic Center has the right trail for everyone! If you've never skied before, join one of the Nordic Centre's ski courses for people of all ages and skill levels. Although visits without an appointment are allowed, it is preferable to book in advance to guarantee registration. Classes take place 4 times a day, at 9am, 10:30am, 12:30pm and 2pm.

Nordic Center of Frisco

Direction: 616 Recreation Way, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

Preis: Trail Pass (per day): 20 USD (for 18-59 years); $15 (seniors and children); $5 (for seniors 70 and older); Free entry for children under 6 years old

Rent: $20 (for ages 18-59); $15 (seniors and children); $15 (for children under 6)

Contact: +1 970 668 0866

site web:Nordic Center of Frisco

Experience the thrill of river or rafting

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Beautiful Browns Canyon never disappoints! Our most popular trip, the rapids and canyon views really give you...

Written byKODI-RaftingeThursday, May 19, 2022

Frisco is located in central Colorado, a place with many rivers. Frisco's rafting experiences span six rivers: Blue River, Colorado River, Clear Creek, Arkansas River, Ten Mile Creek and Dolores River. The Blue River is by far the easiest river to raft on and is perfect for groups of all skill levels. For a more physically capable and experienced group looking for a challenge, check out KODI Rafting to find out what suits you best. Use the rafting trip planner to find out which trip best suits your abilities.


Direction: 908 Summit Blvd, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

opening time: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm Closed on public holidays

Contact: +1 970 668 1548

site web:KODI-Rafting

Have fun all year round at Frisco Adventure Park

Frisco Adventure Park is a destination not to be missed! Summer or winter, there's always something exciting to do at Frisco Adventure Park.

summer fun

Play one round of disc golf for free. The 18-hole golf course is free for all as long as you bring your own equipment. If you want a more exclusive experience for your group, you can book the entire course for one day ($350 USD). Alternatively, spend an exciting day at the skate park, which has features for all amateurs, intermediates and professionals alike.

When you need a little solitude and quiet to yourself, Frisco has the perfect scenic campgrounds for you. Peak One Campground has 80 sites with picnic tables, scenic views, campfire circles, lake access and miles of trails to explore. So set up tents and go camping in the wild! Pine Cove Campground and Heaton Bay Campground are very similar to Peak One Campground, so you might want to go there if you can't find a spot at Peak One.

snowy chaos

Start your icy day at Frisco Adventure Park with a fast-paced 1,200-foot tube sliding through slippery snow. Adventure Park not only has a great tubing hill, but also a great sledding hill. Don't miss the exclusive opportunity to enter a spinning bubble, also known as a zorb. Roll, tumble, jump and crush other zorbers in this unique experience.

frisco adventure park

Direction: 621 Recreation Way, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

opening time: 9h - 18h

Contact: +1 970 668 2558

site web:frisco adventure park

Tumble Bubbles Frisco

Direction: 621 Recreation Way, Frisco, CO, EE. UU.

Preis: from USD 9 per trip

duration: about 1 hour

Contact: + 1 720 443 0466

site web:Sturzblasen

Get your feet wet in Lake Dillon

Frisco, USA: things to do in this snowy county - updated 2022 (9)

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Lake Dillon is a lovely place to drive in the summer months. Spend a day boating and kayaking in the clear blue waters here. Climb aboard the Silver Queen in Frisco Marina and enjoy spectacular views with detailed narration. You can also rent a boat and explore Lake Dillon on your own. Get your feet wet with one of the kayak tours on Lake Dillon. Stroll around the island or just watch the relaxing sunset after an energetic kayaking trip.

Experience the exciting new winter sport of kiting on snow in winter. To prepare, take a full-day snowkiting class with the Colorado Kiteforce, and then you can cruise across snow-covered Lake Dillon for a thrilling time.

colorado kite strength

Direction: 244 W. Lodgepole St. Dillon, CO 80435

duration: at least 2 hours required

Contact: +1 970 485 3300

site web:colorado kite strength

Learn about the area at the Frisco Historical Park and Museum

Frisco, USA: things to do in this snowy county - updated 2022 (10)

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Frisco Historical Park and Museum

Direction: 120 Main St, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

Preis: No entrance fee

opening time: 9am - 5pm. closed monday

Contact: +1 970 668 3428

site web:Frisco Historical Park and Museum

Take the Frisco Escape Room Challenge

Editor's note: The photo was taken from the establishment's official social account.

The Frisco Escape Room promises a lot of excitement, fun, laughter, challenges and maybe even a little frustration. Get trapped in a room full of hidden clues and search every corner for clues, using all your senses to escape before it's too late! The rooms may seem ordinary at first, but they are actually part of a very challenging mind game that will require you to really use your wits and give your brain a good workout to ensure its release. Find hidden objects, discover the clues and get the exit key. As one of the best escape rooms in the country, you can brag after you solve the puzzle and leave in time.

The Frisco Escape Room was started by two local residents who felt that Frisco needed a few more activities to spice things up. Frisco Escape Room is a must. It is ideal for team-building experiences and also offers a fast-paced family experience.

My friends and I have been to other escape rooms before, but we were unanimously impressed with the second one at the school.Eddie C (do Yelp)


Direction: 611 Main St, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

Preis: unos 30 USD

opening time: 12:00 - 20:00

Contact: +1 970 668 9669

site web:Frisco-Escape-Room

See the area from a different perspective with Two Below Zero dining and sleigh rides

Hot Cocoa Tours and Wonderful Nights (Winter)

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There are some fun things happening in Two Below Zero!

Written byTwo sleigh rides with sub-zero dinner and a summer wagoneFriday, December 28, 2018
Enjoy an old-fashioned sleigh ride and enjoy nearly an hour on the loop, starting and ending at the Frisco Nordic Center. You can take a private sleigh ride or a group ride. Private sleigh rides are more romantic and preferable for families and honeymooners.

For those who prefer the private horse-drawn sleigh ride, a beautiful and elegant horse awaits, along with an equally elegant red sleigh that seats four. A cowboy who will act as your driver will take you to the secluded spot for a brief but romantic moment. Hop off the sleigh, take pictures, enjoy a hot chocolate, then head back to the Nordic Center.

For those taking Hot Cocoa Sleigh Rides as part of a group tour, the sleigh ride may be different, but you can still expect complimentary chocolate and a bonus 20-minute live music show by a talented performer. No matter which trip you choose, you will surely live an unforgettable experience.

Chuckwagon Rides in the Wild West (verão)

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Bret London helps guests out of the car when they arrive at the "ole" car location.

Written byTwo sleigh rides with sub-zero dinner and a summer wagoneThursday, February 4, 2010

If you missed the sleigh rides in the winter, come in the summer for a fun night out on the wagon rides. Ride the Chuckwagon to summer camp for a cozy night of games, activities, a barbecue dinner and a lively old-fashioned Old West show. Activities such as cowboy golf, corn hole tossing and horseshoe racing also provide entertainment. The Wild West Show, performed by the Jackman Brothers, is truly the highlight of the evening.

Two sub-zero dinners and sleigh rides

Direction: 616 Recreation Road, Frisco, CO 80443

duration: about 1 hour required (for sleigh rides)

Contact: +1 970 453 1520

site web:two below zero

Shop 'til you drop in Frisco

If you're looking forward to doing your Christmas shopping, don't worry! Frisco has several places to fill your shopping bags and empty your bank account a little! Some great places to shop in Frisco are:

1. Frisco Mall

Editor's note: The photo was taken from the establishment's official social account.

If you haven't stopped by the Emporium since we reopened, we missed you so much!! We made some BIG...

Written byFrisco EmporiumeSaturday, July 25, 2020

The Frisco Emporium is a cabin-style store featuring merchandise from a variety of artists. Each piece is exquisite in its own special way. The three-story building features an array of crafts, clothing, antique items and more. The series of corridors and stairs on each floor makes it easy to get lost in this small maze of consumables. Cowboy boots and vintage items are very popular here. Frisco Emporium truly offers a local shopping experience and allows you to take a little piece of the region to enhance your memories.

Frisco Emporium

Direction: 313 Main St, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

opening time: 10h - 18h

Contact: +1 970 948 0591

site web:Frisco Emporium

2. The next page

All of Frisco's amazing hiking, skiing, and other activities may have left you exhausted! What better way to relax than with a good book and a delicious hot drink? Spend a few hours reading books with a relaxing hot drink. The Next Page has a large collection of books along with a special children's section for young minds. Choose your favorite from over 40 different types of tea or ask the friendly staff for suggestions. Coffee, milkshakes, bubble tea, alcohol and 20 Below Cero hot chocolate are also available. Hungry? Do not worry; No need to interrupt your quiet time! A variety of baked goods, paninis, platters and quiches are available throughout the day to satisfy your hunger without leaving the store. Free WiFi is also available. It's definitely a great place to relax.

the next page

Direction: 409 Main, Frisco Mall, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

opening time: 9h - 19h

Contact: +1 970 668 9291

site web:The Next Page: Books and Nosh

3. Rivers Clothing Company

Try a pair of Democracy Clothing Curve Equality jeans today! New tops and jeans arrive every day.

Written byrio clothing companyeMonday, March 21, 2022

Conveniently located on Frisco Main Street, Rivers Clothing Company is one of Frisco's top fashion destinations. Whether you're looking for rugged mountain apparel, hiking gear, or city casual wear, RCC has it all. Top brands found here include Patagonia, Prana, Royal Robbins and Horny Toad.

rio clothing company

Direction: 503 Main St, Frisco, CO 80443, EE. UU.

opening time: 9h - 19h

Contact: +1 970 668 4333

site web:rio clothing company

Frisco: year-round fun

Frisco, USA: things to do in this snowy county - updated 2022 (11)

Those ones:photoWikimedia Commons has media related to:williamediaused underCC POR 2.0

Frisco is a unique destination with a variety of activities each season that will leave you wanting to come back to the activities you missed the first time around. It's hard to get bored in Frisco! Spend the weekend in Frisco with friends and family, where there's plenty of fun for everyone. From adrenaline-pumping slides to a slow, relaxing day on The Next Page, or racking your brain to escape a room full of hidden clues, share the joy and fun with your loved ones and plan your trip to Frisco.

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