Agridime Investment Review [my honest thoughts] (2023)

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Many people are looking for alternative investments that can offer higher returns than traditional stocks or bonds. With recent stock market volatility, alternative investments are becoming even more popular. One investment alternative that is gaining popularity is investing in livestock. Of course, investing in livestock isn't for everyone, but it can be a lucrative way to invest if you're willing to take some risk.

Investing in livestock is a bit like investing in real estate. Basically, you buy a property (a cow in this case) and expect it to appreciate in value over time. Of course, any investment always comes with risks, but if you do your research and invest wisely, investing in cattle can be a very lucrative way to make money. However, it does come with its risks and we will also address them in this post.



  • What is Agridim?
  • How much does it cost to buy a cow with Agridime?
  • Is there a minimum investment at Agridime?
  • For how much can cattle be sold through Agridime?
  • How can I qualify to receive 20% of my investment instead of 15%?
  • How long do you have to wait before deciding to sell your livestock?
  • Is there something special about Agridime cattle?
  • How do you get paid by Agridime?
  • Does Agridime charge for buying or selling farm animals?
  • Does Agridime insure your investment?
  • What are the risks of investing in cattle through Agridime?
  • Pros and cons of investing with Agridime: the pros and cons
  • Pros and cons of investing with Agridime: The cons
  • Who is Agridim indicated for?
  • How long has Agridime been on the market?
  • Is Agridime legal?
  • Agridime Store Review
  • Explore other investment alternatives
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What is Agridim?

Agridime is an online platform that allows you to invest directly in farm animals. It was founded in 2017 and is run by a young couple, Tia and Josh Link.

Agridime Investment Review [my honest thoughts] (1)

Together they founded Agridime to deliver grass-fed cattle from farm to table through grazing methods rather than traditional ranching methods. A few years later, they added the investment aspect that we discuss in this post.

With the Agridime investment program, you are essentially buying a live cow and you are buying it online. At Agridime you can choose which specific cows you want to invest in and how much you want to invest. How cool is that?

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Agridime takes care of the rest, including feeding and caring for the cows from the farmers they work with. Agridime essentially allows you to participate in livestock investments without having to get involved in the day-to-day care of the animals yourself, and still make a profit in the end. It is an investment in cows/calves/cattle as well as an investment in meat products.

The highlights of Agridime

Agridime Investment Review [my honest thoughts] (2)

Get 15-20% return and help produce fresh beef.

investment opportunity

Capital leases

investment security

Customer service

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Alternative investments like Agridime are a great way to protect your investments. With Agridime you can invest in cows that are bred all year round and have a guaranteed return of 15-20%.


How much does it cost to buy a cow with Agridime?

Buying a cow through Agridime currently costs $2,000. Who knows? I personally had no idea what a bovine head would normally do before analyzing it. However, $2,000 isn't easy to shell out for many people, let alone in multiples, especially if you're drawn to the guaranteed returns that Agridime offers.

Is there a minimum investment at Agridime?

Agridime's requirement is that you have at least $2000 to invest with them. There are no other prerequisites or qualifications. You can buy 1 or 100 cows. As you wish. However, you must buy in increments of $2,000 since you would need to buy a whole cow.

For how much can cattle be sold through Agridime?

If you sell the cattle, you can expect to get around $2,300 to $2,400 for them. Put simply, that's a profit of $300 to $400 per head of cattle.

If you buy ten cows for a total of $20,000, you make a profit of $3,000 to $4,000.

That's a 15-20% return on your investment. A pretty healthy return indeed. Remember that the exact amount of your profit depends on the price of the cattle when sold. Livestock prices can fluctuate, so you may earn slightly more or less than your estimated profit. Lately, with all the inflation, you are likely to earn more as the price of cattle would go up as a result.

How can I qualify to receive 20% of my investment instead of 15%?

If you invest in more than 20 cattle, you will receive 20% of your investment instead of the usual 15%.

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How long do you have to wait before deciding to sell your livestock?

Big question. Cattle need time to raise properly and ensure they are ready to be sold at market. If you don't want to wait too long, you'll be happy to know that it only takes a year for your purchased cow to be ready for sale.

If you combine the 20% potential return on your investment and tie it to a one-year period, that gives you a 20% return for every year invested. This is a very attractive return, especially when compared to other investments. For example, the stock market has averaged a return of about 10% per year over the long term. With Agridime you get twice the performance. They do in one year what the S&P 500 normally does in two years.

Is there something special about Agridime cattle?

As much as we'd like to believe, no, Agridime cattle are nothing special. They are raised and fed humanely, and their meat products are of the highest quality. You can check reviews of their Agridime store and meat products online. They are generally highly acclaimed on this front.

How do you get paid by Agridime?

If you sell your livestock, you will be paid by bank transfer ten days after the sale. This means you don't have to wait that long to receive your money. This is a great benefit as you can quickly reinvest your earnings and further increase your investment if you wish.

Does Agridime charge for buying or selling farm animals?

Agridime does not charge any fees for buying or selling livestock. This means you get to keep all your winnings. There are no hidden fees or charges. This is a nice advantage, especially when compared to other investments. For example, mutual funds and ETFs often charge fees of 1% or more, depending on who manages the fund.

This means that you could lose a significant portion of your earnings from charges from other investments alone. It might not sound like much, but in the long run, even a 1% fee is a big deal and can really take away from the full power of compounding that works for your money.

Does Agridime insure your investment?

Agridime guarantees all investments against death, illness and theft. Don't worry about a cow dying and thereby losing your investment. If anything happens to the cow you invested in, you will be fully compensated for your loss. This gives investors peace of mind that they can focus on making money instead of worrying about their investments. At no time do you have to worry about the health or safety of your specific livestock.

What are the risks of investing in cattle through Agridime?

As much as Agridime does everything possible to ensure that you receive the value of your investment through them, there are some inherent risks that you should be aware of.

  • A risk is the possibility thatthe price of livestock may fall. However, you can minimize this risk by diversifying your investments and not putting all your eggs in one basket.
  • The other risk to consider is that Agridime isn't like an institutional bank.Not FDIC insuredby the government if they go under water. For example, if you invest $100,000 to invest in 50 cattle, you could lose it all. That's right, chances are you won't see a penny if the company ever goes away for whatever reason.
  • Last, but not least, is themissing proof of paymenton-line. The company has been around since 2017, so unless all investors are keeping their investments in cattle, you'd think there would be some sort of debate as to how much anyone has benefited at any point in the last few years.

Pros and cons of investing with Agridime: the pros and cons

There are many reasons to invest in livestock through Agridime. Let's dive into some of these reasons:

  • Investing in cattle is a great hedge against inflation.That's because meat prices, along with everything else like groceries and gasoline, tend to rise when inflation rises. By investing in livestock, you ensure that your investment benefits from rising inflation figures, even though the rest of the world will be negatively affected. In short, your investment in livestock protects your money from depreciation.
  • The meat industry is booming.This means that the demand for beef is high and is likely to continue to rise in the coming years. That means cattle prices should continue to rise, giving investors good returns.
  • Beef is a staple in the American diet.It's one of those things that everyone expects to be on the store shelf, and it's not going away anytime soon. The cows you invest in are slaughtered and the meat sold to supermarkets and restaurants, as has been done for a long time.
  • It's a great way to diversify your portfolio.Cattle aren't as volatile as stocks, so they can help offset some of the risk in your portfolio. And because cattle can be bought and sold relatively quickly, they're a great way to add liquidity to your portfolio when needed.
  • Agridim means you don't have to raise the livestock yourself.It is not necessary to be a farmer or rancher. This means you don't have to worry about the small details of cattle care, such as: B. Feeding and watering. Everything is taken care of by the farmers participating in the Agridime program. They simply invest in the farmers who do the most heavy lifting.

Pros and cons of investing with Agridime: The cons

There are a few reasons why you should not invest in Agridime:

  • As mentioned above,no verified paymentsApparently they were already meant for someone, at least that's what was posted online. Either nobody uses Agridime or nobody has it. We get it, not everyone who gets paid will post it online, but if enough people use this companymibeen paid, there must be at least someone who puts it online.
  • Not FDIC insuredBut that's not the biggest problem if the company itself is legitimate, as there are many investments that aren't FDIC-insured but can do well.
  • There aren't many companies of a similar nature., which makes one wonder why. If cattle were really that profitable, why would they work with you to invest together and give up 15-20% of the profits when they can just work with a lender and give up a lot less at a lower interest rate? to take out loans.
  • Further,There are ways to expose your portfolio through your online broker using something similar to Agridime. For example, the iShares Global Agriculture (COW) ETF puts you in contact with companies involved in meat, including livestock, along with other agricultural products such as farm machinery and fertilizers.

Who is Agridim indicated for?

If you really think about Agridime, we'd say that the ideal investor for Agridime is someone looking for options outside of traditional investment vehicles like stocks and bonds. Maybe you're just looking for something different or genuinely believe that investing in cattle will yield better results as it's a risky investment.

If you think the following applies to you, consider Agridim:

  • He likes the fact that it's a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-understand investment.
  • The basics are covered in your portfolio, but you still have some extra cash lying around.
  • He's done some research and firmly believes that Agridime as a company is financially healthy and able to stay afloat.
  • You are trying to add inflation protection to your portfolio.
  • You're fed up with the fees you pay for your managed funds and the fact that there are no fees on Agridime transactions really appeals to you.
  • You know something about the agricultural industry that motivates you to invest in livestock. Didn't Bill Gates just buy a lot of farmland?
  • And finally, you could lose the money and really want that 15-20% return. Because hey, the S&P 500 sure doesn't look like it's coming back this year.

Whatever your reason for investing in Agridime,You should ensure that this is not your primary investment vehicle. I say that because no matter how good the performance, this money is in no way backed or guaranteed by the government in the event the company goes bankrupt. As unlikely as it is, a million dollars invested could turn out to be $0 given the right unfortunate circumstances. On the other hand, money invested in the S&P 500 would statistically never reach $0 unless the world caught fire or something.

How long has Agridime been on the market?

Agridime has been in business for over 5 years and has been running since 2017. They are based in Fort Worth, Texas and have over 17 employees. However, the investment program was only recently initiated by Agridime.

Is Agridime legal?

And was anyone paid or scammed by Agridime?

It looks like Agridime is making a fundamentally sound investment, but as a company we have to be careful. When the company guarantees a 15-20% return, that sounds like a great risk-free investment that they could make themselves without working with the likes of you and me. You have to ask yourself: why do they need me?

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And if the cattle go down in value in a given year, will they cover their 20% guaranteed by reaching into their own pockets to pay the difference? Something probably doesn't tell me. Even if they were, it does not guarantee that in a given year, despite their guarantee, they will simply choose not to pay out their investors due to a down market.

Also, it will be a year before they find out if they keep their word and pay their equity plus 15-20% ROIno one seems to confirmFew people confirmed that they got paid anywhere online. Strange for a company that's been around since 2017, so it's not like this is a brand new company that hasn't had a chance to repay its investors.

There is no evidence they have fooled anyone so far and we believe that if investors were fooled they would definitely put it online. Again, few people have claimed to have been paid, but they are there. Still, I'd rather wait for more evidence that Agridime works the way it's marketed and that investors are actually getting their fees.

Update (December 2022):A Reddit user named u/LoveNotWar3113311 kindly provided a screenshot of Agridime successfully paying off its investment after a year.

Agridime Investment Review [my honest thoughts] (3)

This screenshot shows a 15% yield, just as advertised by Agridime. Pretty surprising considering the S&P 500 was significantly negative over the same period.

Update (January 2023):Another reader kindly contacted us and emailed us a copy of their agreement with Agridime with a screenshot showing that Agridime LLC paid them on time. His contract was supposed to be finalized and delivered on December 4th, 2022 and as you can see from the screenshot, the money arrived in the bank account on time on December 11th, 2022, exactly seven days later.

Here is the contract:

Agridime Investment Review [my honest thoughts] (4)

And here is the proof of payment:

Agridime Investment Review [my honest thoughts] (5)

Based on this screenshot, Agridime appears to have paid the $2,000 principal plus 15% ROI as promised. And that in a respectable period of time.

who do we see: There is another Reddit user we are keeping an eye on named u/davidloveasarson whose contract is expiring in March 2023. We expect an update at this point. Please remember that we have verified through post history to the best of our knowledge and belief that all Reddit users we have mentioned are real Redditors and not just helpers of the Agridime company. Of course, if you find something different, let us know why you think so and we'll update our post accordingly.

Agridime Store Review

Agridime, the shop that mainly sells beef, has rave reviews. Many have even switched from the famous Omaha steaks to Agridime.

Below, you can see that someone posted a photo of their agridime beef on Reddit, showing a lump of fat more yellowish than is typically found on a grass-fed cow.

In general, the consensus seems to be that the Agridime store has reasonably priced beef that's quite rich and flavorful.

Explore other investment alternatives

If you can be a livestock investor, surely there are other commodities that can be profitable in a consumer-investor model that you haven't thought of, right? And you would be right. Here are some alternative investments to explore if you're interested in these types of non-traditional investment opportunities:

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  • twenty– Invest in fine wines
  • Winovest– also bets on fine wines
  • our crowd– Invest in pre-selected startups
  • Yieldstreet: Investing in the private market, including real estate
  • NFT– Invest in digital assets in the Web3.0 space
  • Metaverso-ETF– invest in everything related to the Metaverse via a traditional Fidelity ETF

Please note that while we list alternative investments, we do not necessarily recommend them. We encourage you to learn more about each of them using our links above before investing any money in any of them.


If you are looking for an investment different from the traditional options, Agridime finds some interesting points:

  • It offers an opportunity to invest directly in livestock, which is an asset with real value.
  • It's an easy investment to understand. Cattle are raised for food and sold in the market to be eaten by consumers.
  • It's a great way to hedge against inflation.
  • There are no transaction or management fees.
  • It has a great guaranteed return of 15-20% on your investment.

However, be sure to note the following key points:

  • If the company goes bankrupt, that investment could be wiped out entirely.
  • If the cattle go down in value in a given year, do you cover your 20% guaranteed by picking up the difference in your own pocket? Something probably doesn't tell me.
  • Why work with potential investors like you and me when the returns are so good that they are willing to guarantee a 15-20% return on their investment?


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