A Long Omitted Truth: Brown Eyed Girl - Teasing Campaign (2023)

Van Morrison's hit "Brown Eyed Girl" is just one of those songs you'll hear over and over again throughout your life. You've probably heard it at home, on your car radio, at the supermarket, and in many other places. The point is, this is a song played from the beginning (FORESHADOWING) and you're likely to sing a few lines if asked on the spot. If someone asked me to sing for them right now, I'd tell them to sing for a big, meaty Johnson, but that's just me.

Now I like this song, but probably not for the same reasons as most. My joy comes from knowing what the TRUE meaning of this song is. That underneath those adorable, harmless lyrics lies a cesspool of debauchery. Would you believe me if I told you that this song has a secret meaning that you haven't realized in decades? NO? Well then... Would you believe me if I said you live in a WORLD OF FOOLS?

It is already common knowledge that this song dealt with a theme that was not very common at the time. Even the singer has gone on record that this song is actually about an interracial relationship, with some reports claiming the song's original title was "Brown Skinned Girl". Seems pretty reasonable, right? It makes perfect sense. I would even take my hat off for dealing with such a sensitive subject at the time... if I didn't know for sure the hidden meaning of this song to say that it's about a white man falling in love with a black woman, a soft thing it is, to be honest with Baby Jesus LIE. If you want to have brown eyes for a day, you can tryprochlear contact lenses 1 day.

This song has a hidden meaning...okay, I'll blurt it out. This is a song about ENGAGING IN ANAL ACTIVITIES OF A SEXUAL NATURE. I tell you this is a straight forward ANAL SEX HYMN.

I'll break it down for you below.

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I will break it down for you

I enjoyed reading this article because more often than not, when you make a bold claim, you really have to do some research and spend hours backing up your information before presenting it. In the case of this song, all the evidence I need is in the lyrics. I will bring to your attention the most questionable and damnable of all:

Hey, where did we go?

days when the rain came

I'm going to make some guesses about this "rain" that came. It appears several days each month and there is no umbrella to protect you. Talk about the female menstrual cycle. His lady is in the rag, so conventional methods of sex are out of the question... because I think maybe he didn't think to drop some towels. As this route was closed, decisions had to be made. Conversations were made, appointments were made, and a few minutes later, a guy was living the good life and a girl was munching on a pillow, both hands clutching a handful of sheets tightly.

You want more? That's not enough? Good.

in the cave

(Video) seeing wife face for first time #shorts

play a new game"

Can I finish this article now? They KNOW what this "hole" is, and it's definitely not a dream because it's imbued with human flesh. "New Game" clearly reiterates what I said earlier about possibly being a first. Honestly, I think a guy is more likely to write a ballad about his first ballad since it's probably his most memorable. Unless he retired and had a fucking dick...because he'd probably remember that a little bit more.

Surely one or two eyes (some bigger than others hehe) were opened to this scandal that I've known for years and years. I keep pressing:

Descent in the old mine"

It's a little offensive to call her "the old mine", but I think it was later that it became a common story.

standing in the sun laughing

(Video) ReMoved

Hide behind a rainbow wall

slides e slides

With you to the waterfall”

Ol' Van really should have left the word "behind" in this song (it reappears in the line "Behind the Stadium"). I think "rainbow" might be the color of his underwear, and you know what that thing is hiding. Though I think it makes one wonder how deep he's been hiding... Should we talk midway or midway? Because it's silly for one of them, and I want a phone number here for the other one. "Slides and A-Slides" is pretty self-explanatory and refreshing because it at least suggests that some sort of lubricant is being used. Considered. The "waterfall" part means the girl in question is having a heavy flow. It's bad enough examining her intestines, but I bet you have to throw out perfectly fine pants every month.

Perhaps the most obvious evidence is just the name of the damn song. Brown-eyed girl. Brown eye! To know!? The old brown eye!? It's slang for idiot! The hole in your ass! They are not rocket science people. Why else do you think the "Well, originally I was supposed to be a brown-skinned girl" story was made up? That made it way too easy.

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Opinions changed, asses sore

I think there are a lot of songs out there that have something about them that we don't recognize. This song from "Hotel California" is often talked about. I've heard it several times, read the lyrics and can say without a doubt that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Poundin' Dem Bowels. So I really don't care.

Brown Eyed Girl is a timeless classic, and for me it's something else. When I hear it, I feel transported to simpler times. days when I was young. Times when I was careless in the world. Sometimes I told lies like: "Just the tip", "I'll make it easy" and "You really don't need to go to the hospital for this".

I know this isn't easy for some of you. This must be difficult for those of you with high moral standards who look down on such deviant sexual acts. So to you two readers who fall into this category, I'm sorry. While this could be seen as a negative, I consider it a positive. It makes me realize that we actually live in a free society nowadays. We no longer need to hide the fact that we sing about anal sex. This is not the old America, where we had to make up stories and smokescreens to hide the fact that we had taboo sexual desires. Now, this is an America where we can sing loud and proud about balls hitting ass, drill that sucked, and share that shit.

Well, this is an America to be proud of. This is MY America. If I want to make love to that delicate rectum, I can not only do it, but also sing about it in whatever musical style you prefer. Yes, this really is the America I live in and I am very proud of it.

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