8 Great Cape Coral Restaurants You Must Try - Naples, Florida Travel Guide (2023)

Cape Coral, Florida has long been enjoyed by tourists and locals alike for its year-round warm sunshine and breathtaking Gulf views.

And while those experiences still exist, Cape Coral is also establishing itself as a foodie destination!

With many innovative chefs calling this Gulf Coast playground home, Cape Coral's selection of great restaurants continues to grow - enough to warrant frequent trips.

If this tropical park is in your travel plans, there it isa lot of things to do.

But during happy hour, which overlaps with dinner, leave plenty of room in your day for fresh island-style dining and intoxicating cocktails.

If you're looking for fabulous seafood, Fish Tail Grill is for you.

If Cajun cuisine is your thing, Slate's won't disappoint.

Or if you're just looking for a sweet breakfast nook, head to Café YOU.

And that is just the beginning.

So if you're looking for 8 of our favorite restaurants in Cape Coral, Florida, we've got them here for you.

But check back often as our list is growing!

8 tolle Restaurants in Cape Coral

fish story grill

1229 SE 47. Terrasse B, Cape Coral

The Fish Tale Grill is by far one of the best restaurants in Cape Coral - and not just because of the "Best of Cape Coral" awards it has received since 2013!

This is a charming, relaxed and trendy upscale spot that lives up to its name and specializes in delicious, innovative seafood dishes.

Fish Tale Grill is actually owned by Merrick Seafood, Florida's premier fishmonger.

That means you're guaranteed to eat the freshest fish caught daily at this Cape Coral restaurant.

Choose from the extensive appetizer menu with delicious snacks such as grilled tuna with sesame. Platters, pasta and typical dishes offer many fish dishes.

Not a big fan of fish?

There is also a very nice section for meat lovers on the menu with the best cuts of meat.

Or if raw bars are your style, there are fresh gulf oysters, blue tip oysters and Pine Island mid-neck mussels in season.

Many restaurants are reducing the lunch menu, but not here.

For lunch, the Raw Bar offers sandwiches, a wide variety of salads and appetizers, appetizers, and one of our favorite dishes, the Fish Tale Tacos. Saturday and Sunday brunch with bottomless Bloody Marys is served from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

A full service bar creating tropical drink specialties along with an excellent wine list and selection of beers make this restaurant a great choice.

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Regardless Great bar and restaurant

927 Cape Coral Pkwy E, Cabo Coral

With a name like Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery, this Cape Coral restaurant will definitely intrigue you.

And surprisingly, the name isn't the most notable aspect.

Nevermind Awesome Bar and Eatery was founded in 2012 by Chef Shannon Yates.

Before Nevermind, Chef Yates worked at some of Fort Myers' finest restaurants.

But when she decided to open her own restaurant, Chef Yates unknowingly began reshaping Cape Coral's food scene.

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With an eclectic menu featuring great burgers, steaks, creamy macaroni and cheese, seafood, a full service bar and outdoor seating, Nevermind is a great spot for casual lunch or dinner.

Be sure to leave room for a few.Cunts– a great biscuit donut!

Point 57 cuisine and cocktails

3522 Del Prado Boulevard S, Cape Coral

Cape Coral's best restaurants have a welcoming atmosphere, amazing service, and delicious food, and Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails has it all!

This contemporary American restaurant focuses on casual yet sophisticated fare, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to complement its steaks and seafood.

Upon entering Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails you will find friendly staff, an open kitchen and a well-stocked bar.

It's certainly one of the most welcoming places in town and has been rated 4 stars by local food critic Jean Le Boeuf.

Point 57 is one of Cape Coral's best places to eat, and they're committed to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which means the menu changes seasonally.

But no matter what you pick, you really can't go wrong on the menu.

The eclectic dinner menu is a lovely mix of land and sea with things like crispy pork knuckle and shrimp and grits.

For lunch, we love mahi-mahi fish and chips.

Sunday brunch offers a very good selection of dishes and is served from 10am to 5pm. M. at 3 p.m.

Brunch also includes mimosas and bottomless bubbles and Tito's Mega Mary, or choose from a wide range of craft drinks, a good wine list and a selection of local craft beers.

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Good guys pizza and beer

1404 Cape Coral Pkwy E, Cabo Coral

Nice Guys Pizza might be the quirkiest restaurant in town, but it has some of the best pizza Cape Coral has to offer.

This punk-themed eatery has everything from glow-in-the-dark murals to old-school pinball machines and post-it-covered bathroom walls.

This down to earth bar offers 15 different pizzas, pub grub and serves great craft beers.

The menu is as seductively chaotic as the decor. Order everything from honey mustard hot dogs with black truffles to General Tso's fried chicken pizza.

And that's not even including anything on the extensive vegan menu!

You can be sure that the wild dessert menu will grab your attention before you leave.

There's fried Oreos, Euro dumplings, or what they call the cavity of the future: a decadent Nutella, marshmallow, banana, and peanut butter pizza.

Try the weekly Q&A night on Wednesdays along with pizza and ice cream.

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Lobster Lady Bistro and Fish Market

1715 Cape Coral Pkwy W #2 und 3, Cape Coral

With its extremely fresh seafood, Lobster Lady Seafood Market & Bistro has established itself as one of Cape Coral's premier restaurants.

Because Lobster Lady Seafood Market also doubles as a wholesaler for Atlantic and Gulf seafood, you know you'll be eating the freshest seafood possible.

Though Lobster Lady serves a few non-seafood dishes, as the name suggests, the best dishes are all lobster.

Some crowd favorites include the lobster stack, the seafood appetizer (serves up to six), and the savory lobster roll.

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Order a daily special or grab the Sunday New England Lobster Bake as a special treat.

Lobster Lady Cape Coral is open for lunch and breakfast from 8am to 5pm. M. at 12:00 p.m.

It's a popular spot so if you want to secure a table call ahead to make a reservation, especially in season.

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4820 Candia St, Cape Coral

There are a few places that consistently make the list of Cape Coral's best restaurants, and Slate's is one of them, and with good reason.

When you head to Slate's, you'll feel like you're in New Orleans with its magical jazz music and delicious Cajun fare.

With its starched tablecloths and dim lighting, Slate's is one of the city's most elegant and romantic restaurants, and this idea is further demonstrated by the talented jazz singers on stage.

In fact, Slate's operates a locally renowned jazz club, so you won't find a better jazz music venue in all of Southwest Florida.

No visit to New Orleans or Slate's would be complete without some fabulous Cajun and Creole dishes.

Choose one of NOLA's classics such as Crawfish Étouffée or Cajun Gumbo. And carnivores rejoice!

The steak menu is exceptional and your steak will be cooked to perfection, just as you ordered.

The signature Sunday brunch features boudin sausage (BOO-dan) and fried dumplings, the famous New Orleans "donut".

Slate's has an excellent wine list and full-service bar, including Cape Coral's.Bad Dolphin Rum.

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Bring together

Cabo Coral Westin, 5971 Silver King Boulevard STE 116, Cabo Coral

A modern and stylish restaurant with a waterfront location, outdoor seating by the marina, a really cool bar and lounge area, in addition to their excellent food.

The Gather has earned a spot as one of the premier restaurants in Cape Coral, Florida.

Located in Cape Coral's Westin, the Gather offers stunning views of the Tarpon Point Marina.

While waiting for the meal to be prepared, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping a special craft cocktail.

Once your food comes out you will be blown away!

Their dishes are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. "Favouritos da Casa" are served Tuesday through Sunday, featuring steaks, seafood, pasta, and a selection of salads and appetizers.

You're sure to enjoy whatever you order from Gather.

Don't miss the excellent weekend brunch, served Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

Since the Gather is another popular Cape Coral restaurant, it's best to reserve ahead of time during the season.

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coffee YOU

1423 SE 10. St., Cape Coral

Billing itself as a "a unique dining and coffee experience," this Australian-inspired café serves natural food using locally sourced ingredients.

Café YOU has a casual and cozy atmosphere with probably the best coffee in town.

As you enter Café YOU, you will be immediately captivated by the chic atmosphere with charming blackboard menus and exposed industrial ceiling.

But it's the alluring scent of coffee that will keep you there.

Enjoy the coffee drink of your choice prepared by experienced baristas, whether espresso, macchiato or americano.

A fun and lively place, Café YOU is a great place to hang out with friends.

You'll even get to know their Australian language: "brekkie" (breakfast), "avo" (avocado) and "don't worry" (you're welcome).

The house specialty is their signature Aussie avocado smash, which can be ordered 4 different ways.

The menu includes pastries, small plates, and even sandwiches and burgers.

Things that go well with a nice cup of coffee. The food is good, but the highlight at Café YOU is the coffee.


Whether you're looking for an upscale seafood restaurant or a punk-style pizzeria, Cape Coral's hottest restaurants offer a wide range of options.

In other words, one of the best restaurants in Cape Coral will definitely suit your style and taste.


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8 Great Cape Coral Restaurants You Must Try

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