20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (2023)

You always hear about the beauty of blue and green eyes, but what about brown eyes? Brown is the most common eye color in the world – around 79% of people have this beautiful eye color, so why not listen to a song about it?

While brown eyes are most common in Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, you'll see them wherever you go, and we think they could use some love, too. So do the following 20 artists who have written songs about classic brown-eyed beauty.


  • 1. Van Morrison's "Girl with the Brown Eyes"
  • 2. "Brown Eyes" by Destiny's Child
  • 3. Billy Ray's "Brown Eyed Girl"
  • 4. "Ebony Eyes" de Bob Welch
  • 5. "She Couldn't Change Me" by Montgomery Gentry
  • 6. "Brown Eyes, Brown Hair" by Caleb Hearn
  • 7. „Brown-Eyed Blues“ de Ben Harper
  • 8. "Pretty Brown Eyes" de Roy Acuff
  • 9. "Pretty Brown Eyes" de Cody Simpson
  • 10. "Pretty Brown Eyes" de Brothers Four
  • 11. "Brown Eyes" by Fleetwood Mac
  • 12. "Pair of Brown Eyes" by Peter Case
  • 13. Everclear's "Brown Eyed Girl"
  • 14. "Breakin' My Heart" de Mint Condition
  • 15. "Brown Eyes" by Lady Gaga
  • 16. "Brown-Eyed Women" by Grateful Dead
  • 17. "Ebony Eyes" de Stevie Wonder
  • 18. "A Pair of Brown Eyes" by The Pogues
  • 19. "Brown-Eyed Lover" by Allen Stoner
  • 20. Kanos "Brown Eyes"
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1."Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (1)Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (official audio)

Perhaps one of the most popular songs about brown eyes, we guarantee you've heard it before. Featuring the classic lyrics "My Brown Eyed Girl, and You My Brown Eyed Girl", this song will have everyone singing along, brown eyes or not.

The guitar is fun and sharp enough to make you want to bop your head for the entire 3 minutes, especially when the "sha-la-la-la-la" kicks in. Don't be surprised if you sing. and don't ever think about that brown-eyed girl.

2."Brown Eyes" by Destiny's Child

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (2)Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes (Official Audio)

It starts a little slower than "Brown Eyed Girl", you can tell from the first second that this song is going to be beautiful. This song is a classic love ballad, but this time sung from a woman's perspective.

After she sings about how this man is in love with her, the lyrics appear "and when he looks at me his brown eyes say so". If you're in love with a brown-eyed guy, this song will make you feel a certain way.

(Video) Keith Urban - Brown Eyes Baby (Lyrics)

3."Brown Eyed Girl" by Billy Ray

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (3)Brown Eyed Girl - Billy Ray Cyrus

This song is a cover of the song we mentioned first, but with that country twist. It has the same catchy guitar, melody and sing-along sha-la-la-la, but this one will resonate with country lovers.

4."Ebony Eyes" de Bob Welch

A Stevie Wonder cover, this song starts with a slightly heavier guitar riff before Bob Welch's vocals kick in. Though he never specifically mentions the color brown, the entire chorus admires the singer's eyes as someone special.

The lyrics, "Your eyes made me dream, your eyes made me blind", are a tribute to the beautiful eyes that make the singer's world work. The words Ebony Eyes are also repeated a few times, with a glorious screeching moment that will captivate all listeners.

5."She Couldn't Change Me" by Montgomery Gentry

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (5)Montgomery Gentry - She Couldn't Change Me

The first song on our list that doesn't have the words "brown" or "eyes" in its title is a complete country song, complete with the classic twang to match.

This song takes you on a story about meeting and leaving a woman, ending with that happy "she's in my arms again" moment. While she never directly mentions her brown eyes, she does mention her dark brown hair, which is sure to make listeners think of that special woman in her life.

6."Brown Eyes, Brown Hair" by Caleb Hearn

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (6)Caleb Hearn - Brown Eyes, Brown Hair (Lyrics)

A newer release, this song starts with a haunting guitar riff before the vocals kick in and the first lyric says 'brown eyes, brown hair'. Additional musical elements are added as the song progresses before smoothly returning to the catchy original guitar.

(Video) Blue Eyes Full Video Song Yo Yo Honey Singh | Blockbuster Song Of 2013

7.„Brown Eyed Blues“ de Ben Harper

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (7)blue eyes brown

This song has more of a jazz vibe to it than any of our aforementioned brown-eyed songs. The lyrics of "Brown-Eyed Blues" seem to point to a lover pining for his girlfriend as she chooses to be with other people. Ben really sings his heart out in this colorful number.

8."Pretty Brown Eyes" de Roy Acuff

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (8)Roy Acuff's beautiful brown eyes

This song will take you back to the 60's from the first moment. This song is about a man who has discovered the beauty of brown eyes, and sings the lyrics "beautiful, pretty brown eyes, i'll never love blue eyes again". If you want to travel back to a simpler time, Roy Acuff will take you there with this masterpiece.

9."Pretty Brown Eyes" de Cody Simpson

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (9)Cody Simpson - Pretty Brown Eyes (Video-Musical-Offizieller)

This song is much more modern than our songs mentioned above, starting with a deeply processed vocal before going straight into a pop/bass soundtrack.

The narrator talks about a boy meeting a brown-eyed girl with the caption "Hey pretty brown eyes, what are you up to tonight?" After Cody sings the first half of the song, some classic rapping kicks in before switching back to upbeat, brown-eyed music.

10. “Beautiful brown eyes" by Brothers Four

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (10)Brothers Four - Beautiful brown eyes and lyrics

This is another song that takes you back in time. With lyrics very similar to Roy Acuff's song of the same name, this song is also about "pretty beautiful brown eyes, I'll never love blue eyes again".

This song is slow and beautiful, so if you're looking for something relaxing and easy to listen to, you've come to a gem!

(Video) The Rolling Stones - Far Away Eyes - OFFICIAL PROMO

11"Brown Eyes" by Fleetwood Mac

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (11)Brown Eyes - Fleetwood Mac

Brown Eyes by Fleetwood Mac opens with a beat that makes you stomp your feet and shake your head and is another beautiful, relaxing song. The instruments take the lead in this song, while the vocals take a backseat. But when the voices arrive, they sing about their love for brown eyes with the words "If you look at me with those brown eyes, what do you want me to do?"

12"Pair of Brown Eyes" by Peter Case

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (12)Peter Case "Pair of Brown Eyes"

This song dates back to the 80's and is sung from the heart. Speaking of beautiful brown eyes looking back at him, the narrator can't help but notice his beauty. The entire song is dedicated to one person's pair of brown eyes, but if you have someone with brown eyes that you love, you're sure to have them in mind when you press play.

13Everclear's "Brown Eyed Girl"

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (13)Everclear - girl with brown eyes

Returning to this with a different cover, Everclear goes into this song with a slightly different vibe, but with the same result. Seems like a lot of people covered this song but kept its great vibes. With slightly heavier guitar and vocals than the original, the song might appeal to anyone who likes rock 'n' roll.

14. „Breakin' My Heart" in mint condition

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (14)Mint Condition – Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (Vídeo Musical Oficial)

With slow vocals and a beat that will make you stomp your feet without realizing it, this song belongs to the R&B and soul genre. The beautiful brown eyes seem to break hearts - if you've ever been in love, you know the feeling, no matter the color.

15."Brown Eyes" by Lady Gaga

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (15)Lady Gaga - brown eyes

This song starts with a soft piano before Lady Gaga kicks in with her stunning voice. This is a touching song about lost love and Gaga is reminded of her brown eyes whenever she mentions them in the lyrics. If you are heartbroken and your lover has brown eyes, they may find themselves a little near your home.

(Video) Boney M. - Brown Girl in the Ring (Sopot Festival 1979)

16. "Brown-Eyed Women" by Grateful Dead

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (16)Brown Eyed Women - Grateful Dead (Europe '72)

The Grateful Dead takes you back to the 70's with this funky song. The funky guitar riff along with the slight accent of a country voice adds charm to the lyrics. The text "brown-eyed women and red grenadines" reveals that the narrator is reminiscing about the good old days.

17. "Ebony Eyes" de Stevie Wonder

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (17)Stevie Wonder – EBONY EYES – (mit Letra)

The original of a previously mentioned song on our list, you can't go wrong with this one. Stevie Wonder sings her heart out to this beautiful woman with her ebony eyes, even saying the words "I love you baby" at one point in the song. And for jazz lovers, you'll be treated to a wonderful saxophone solo in the middle!

18. "A Pair of Brown Eyes" by The Pogues

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (18)The Pogues - A pair of brown eyes

This song is as Irish as it gets. Be it the accent and the instruments, you might want to make an Irish jig with this one. The text "All I could see was a pair of brown eyes staring back at me" refers to a stranger our narrator saw and wondered about for the rest of the time.

19. "Brown-Eyed Lover" by Allen Stoner

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (19)Allen Stone - Brown Eyed Lover (Live im Sound Emporium)

This song is fun, comes hard and fast with "I've got a brown-eyed lover across town". Allen Stone has a beautiful voice that perfectly complements the rhythm of the piano and drums heard in the background. If you have a brown-eyed lover, this song will make you want to call him.

20. Kanos "Brown Eyes"

20 songs about brown eyes - musical mother (20)Brown eyes

This is a rap song that ends with a bang appreciating those beautiful brown eyes. Singing about not wanting to fall in love but being tempted by those eyes, along with the lyrics "I don't want to fall in love but your brown eyes hypnotize me" will take listeners back to a time when being tempted by a couple were mesmerized eyes .

(Video) All Time Favorite Hit Songs Vol.1 2020

There is no shortage of songs about the brown-eyed beauty. If you ever feel like your brown eyes are "easy" compared to colored eyes, press play and turn the volume up to one of these songs, because brown eyes are beautiful and they sing from a certain point Ground.

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